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Can Love Be Perfect?

Giving up on love, something that I feel almost all of us has had to contemplate at one stage of our lives or will do in the future. And this is simply because love is all around us, in many different forms. It’s not as simple a relationship that we find ourselves in, love is friendship, work colleagues, pets, family, relationships and the most neglected one but most important I feel... ourselves.

I feel that giving up is all about the decisions that we make and the choice that we have inside of ourselves to work out whether the particular love in question is worth hanging onto, in whatever form that love manifests itself to us. To get to this answer we first need to know what love is and this is difficult because love will mean different things to everyone and each individual will always have a different set of boundaries and expectations to another. This is why it is so easy to be the outsider in and give an opinion regarding someone else’s choices but we need to remember that our definition and limitations in  love may not always mirror that of those around us and sometimes this very much does lead to us pushing others away.

Love can bring us a lot of happiness in life, it can be such a wonderful entity to behold, but it equally can be an overpowering force that drains our energy and makes us question the authenticity of our feelings and if love is a good thing after all. It is when we get to that stage that we need to take a deep breath, take a massive step outside of the box that we have gotten ourselves into and think about how we first felt and what our original expectations were when it came to love in the first instance. If the outlook is now somewhat different in a negative way, than the only thing anyone can do is to work on changing things. It is at this stage that I normally hear from lost souls whom have tried everything but are finding the negativity of the situation over bearing and wondering where it changed and why. Most commonly we blame ourselves because we don’t want to identify the true causation of the matter in hand but sometimes we need to put our own happiness first and be really truthful with ourselves.

Personally I don’t believe that love will ever be perfect, as again perfection really is in the eye of the beholder and this can change from person to person. I feel that love is a journey and with all journeys there will be good times and bad but it is how you deal with it, progress and learn from everything that you have gone through that will matter the most and mean the most in the longer term. And it is at this stage that you will be able to identify if the love that you once thought was your ideal and the partnership really can stand the test of time as you first wished. What I do feel strongly though is that if we don’t take the time out to love the person that we are and embrace everything about us we will never be in a position to fully open ourselves out to others and provide the positive and secure aura that we would like. We must remember that our aura attracts like minded individuals, so to reach for the positivity; we first have to provide it and show it to those that we would like to attract.

Love is in many forms; just because we have a perfect idea in mind doesn’t mean that this is what we have to choose to go with. Love is trial and error; it’s a marathon not a sprint. With love there is no rush because if we do rush we often miss the finer details that will mean the most to us. The most important thing about love is that it isn’t just in relationships; love is in everything and this means that no one is ever on their own. Spiritual love, love for ourselves, friendships, pets, can all provide us with what we need instead of trying to rush to be with someone to conform with the society ideology that we need to be married and have kids to be settled and deemed to be secure in this world.

Love really is what you make it, if you make it good, positivity will flow, if it isn’t doing so well you always know that you have the love of your psychic family here at ask the answer to talk through it and provide spiritual guidance from the other realm. Giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’ve identified that you deserve more and you should feel empowered by your choice to change and progress in a positive way on your journey in life.

Love & Light, Always, Kay xxx


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