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Being You

Being You!

In this current decade, so much emphasis is put on ‘Labels.’  Form filling for example: Are you gay or straight, trans, CIS or non-binary, are you divorced, married, single, what religion are you, what ethnicity are you and it goes on and on. Whose business is it anyway to know this? Plus, what does it matter?

Ticking a box does not resonate with the person you really are. The only person who can ever really know you is you! Loving yourself for who you are is the trigger to creating a powerful phenomenon, linked to the Law of Attraction.

Do riches, beauty and fame bring happiness? No, not at all. Look at glamorous celebrities who have the exact same relationship problems as you or the person next door. If not more!

The jewel of happiness lies within yourself.

Is someone or something making you feel bad, insecure, not worthy? The simple answer is to get rid of that negativity or that negative person.

Are you feeling lonely, isolated, unloved? Then it is time to make a change, join local community groups, find new friends, take action.

Do you often feel angry about things? Take a breath and look at the bigger picture you have waiting for.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left-hand side, list all the good things about you and your life and on the right-hand side, list all the things you do not want in your life. Now, have a think. How can you cross off the things, one by one, on the right-hand side? We can all have a happy life; it is just a matter of realising the right path to take.

All the readers at Ask the Answer are here to help. Being you and being happy with that is one of the greatest achievements in life. You can find me most days on this site between 2-5pm UK time. Come and have a chat and let us see what the cards have to say. 

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