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Do They Think About Me?

Do They Think About Me?

This question has been asked since time began and will continue forevermore.  We all want to know if the person that is on your mind is thinking about you in the same way or even at all.  When you don’t know how a person feels about you it can drive you mad and you can become obsessive. You may feel insecure and unsure of how much to put into the relationship. You’re worried about being blindsided and ending up broken-hearted.

Here are some clear signs that they are thinking about you:


  • Do they ask questions to check up how you are doing/feeling?
  • Do they care about your happiness?
  • Do they simply enjoy a chat every now and again?


If the answers are yes, then this is great, move forward and enjoy.  Now if the answer to all those questions is no, you might need to think again.  However, first before jumping to conclusions let us look how you act.  Have you shown them that you care, asked questions about their welfare or happiness and instigate a chat every now and again?  If the answer to this is yes and you are still not getting any response, then it might be time to move on. 

There are always exceptions to consider:

Could this person be with someone else and despite thinking about you, they cannot make that step?  If this is the case, then there is an element of needing to respect their relationship, despite not getting what you want. You would not want a person in your life that easily flits to one relationship for the sake of another.


The truth of that matter is probably idealistic, but if we are in a good relationship, the question never needs to be asked. You will know this person thinks about you as much as you do them. The question crops up when there are issues within a relationship or an ex-relationship.


If you have such questions and need some guidance, I and the rest of the readers on Ask The Answer are just a call away.


Warm wishes,

Anya - 600052

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