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Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers

Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers

More and more people are awakening to the power of angels, spirit guides and spirit teachers; but despite the popularity and interest, many still do not fully understand what these mystical helpers are.


Angels are beings whose function is to work as intermediaries between the Heavenly and Earthly realms. They are a bridge between the physical and non-physical, consciousness and unconsciousness. You are assigned a minimum of two angels at birth to walk with you on your journey. Angels are extensions of the universe’s infinite love. They are unique in that they have never had an earthly incarnation.

Angels may appear to look either male or female in physical form, but angels are actually genderless; they appear this way because it is easier for our minds to comprehend. Angels are here to serve mankind in various ways. Some angels work more closely with Divine Source. The Divine Source is an idea that appears in most religions, a supernatural power that provides humans with language, whether it be God in Christianity or Sarasvati, wife of Brahma, in Hinduism. Other angels work closely with humans; delivering messages, administering miracles, healing the sick, and adverting physical harm.

Everyone is born with two guardian angels, and some people, depending on their needs, occupation and what they have agreed to overcome may have more. These loving spiritual companions and caretakers are assigned to us from birth to death and protect and guide us to our highest state of being and love.

Spirit Guides

You may not realise, but everyone has spirit guides. Spirit Guides are wise and enlightened beings who seek to help to elevate the consciousness of the planet for the highest and best good of all concerned. As you learn to live in higher consciousness, you earn greater knowledge from the enlightened ones. There are many types of guides and each one has different specialties. They serve us with a unique purpose and help us to complete certain tasks and they support you as you journey through life.

Some are guides with whom you have an ancient connection. These types of guides have chosen to walk with you usually either due to a karmic, family or past life connection. Their role is to help you with your relationships, both within your family and also any other links you may have.

Spirit Teachers

Spirit teachers or life guides are also with you due to past life relationships or a karmic link. The main role of spirit teachers is to support you through multiple lifetime lessons you’re still working on. These lessons are connected to your personality, your thoughts and your attempts to transcend emotions like anger, issues like low self-esteem, or tendencies to be egotistic or selfish. These guides support you through issues you were working on in a past life and are still working on.

There are higher level spiritual guides and teacher guides as you progress with your spiritual growth and practices. As you raise your energy vibration you unlock access to new teacher groups. These spirit guides are mainly still in the cycle of death and rebirth, but they are wise old souls who choose to support you from the realms of spirit before their next incarnation. These teacher guides will often come into your life for a brief while when you are open and vibrating at the correct frequency to receive their teachings. When the lesson or teaching is done they then move on.

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