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Recognising Spirit Messages

Recognising Spirit Messages

How many times have you spotted the clock when it's exactly 11:11? Or have you found yourself feeling a bit down and hopeless and then noticed a single white feather at your feet?

Over and over again in my readings, Spirit tells me my client should learn to pay better attention! This probably means you need to make some subtle adjustments and attune yourself to receive these messages, otherwise they’re going to waste! This reminds me of an old story called “The Parable of the Drowning Man.” It goes like this...

There was a terrible flood and a man sat on the roof of his house to avoid the rising water. A row boat belonging to one of his neighbours rowed by and one of the neighbours in the boat shouted to him.

“Hey, we’re picking up stranded people from the neighbourhood before the water rises and the storm gets worse. Hop in, we can get you warm and dry with the others.”

The man said, “No thank you, neighbour. I have faith in my God. I’ve prayed and received an answer that help is on the way. He’s coming for me, I know it. I’ll sit here and wait.”

The neighbours shrugged. This guy was always a little eccentric. So they left.  

Meanwhile, the water rose and as the wind picked up, waves began to form and the neighbourhood began to look like a vast ocean. The man climbed to the very top of the roof and clung to a weathervane blowing this way and that. It was a struggle to hold on, but he endured the battering wind and sprays of rancid flood water into his mouth, ears and eyes.

A struggling speed boat rocked wildly on the rising waves, but managed to make its way to just outside the front door of the man’s house. There was an official looking man with a bull horn and klaxon who beckoned the man to climb down and come aboard the speed boat.

“This is our last sweep of the area, before we have to set up camp in the town hall. It’s going to get too rough to go out in the boat until tomorrow.”

The man, steadfast in his conviction, declined the offer of help again. “I’m staying here until God saves me, He promised he would. Thank you for your help, but I’d prefer it if you left me alone. I’m waiting for God”.

The official looking man in the speedboat shook his head and motioned for the boat to proceed to the town hall with the rest of the folk rescued from their houses. It was a shame, but the wind was wild and it was now very risky for them to be there and the boat’s captain felt there was nothing more he could do.

The man gripped with all his might to the weathervane that was threatening to fly off at this point. Suddenly, a helicopter appeared and a loud muffled yell came from within its open doors. The man couldn’t understand what the helicopter pilot was saying, but he could see him gesturing for him to grab his hand, as the chopper hovered precariously over the drowning house. The man just shook his head vigorously and said “No, No, NO! GOD WILL SAVE ME!” The helicopter hovered for a few more seconds and then vanished in the thickening wet wind. The man was now all alone.

Needless to say, he didn’t make it through the night. The man drowned, and when he arrived in heaven, he screamed at God, “I thought you were going to save me! Where were you in my time of need!”.

God said, “My child, I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what were you waiting for?”.

This story is exaggerated for the purposes of making a point, but it speaks to what I see often. It’s easy to miss the signs and messages from Spirit in everyday life. Learning more about the symbolism of the way angels, spirits and ancestors communicate and giving credit to the unique messages they may send you all helps, not only with guidance in life, but to provide a deeper meaning and magic to our existence.

Much love and be blessed,

Rita Simone - 600795

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