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All-Inclusive Holidays: Nourishing the Soul

I need another holiday to recover from my vacation!

After toiling and saving throughout the year, we finally escape the daily grind to bask in the delight of saying, "The weather was fantastic," "The food was exquisite," and "There were plenty of activities to keep everyone happy." But why do we often hear people returning home and exclaiming, "I need another holiday to recover from my vacation"?

The answer is simple. While indulging in delectable cuisine and revelling in evening festivities can be gratifying for the taste buds and entertainment, they might not provide the same nourishment for the soul. It's a common trap for spiritually inclined individuals, particularly during holiday seasons like summer breaks or festive periods, to go along with the crowd and avoid making a fuss. However, this internal conflict can lead to a familiar refrain: "I've done it again."

While everyone else enjoys themselves, we may feel obliged to follow suit, falling back into the habit of keeping the peace and remaining silent. Before we know it, we're packing our suitcases to head home, burdened with a few extra kilograms of resentment.

Before your next eagerly anticipated getaway, take action. Be firm with yourself and convey your needs to others. By doing so, you'll make a difference in your own world—an impactful change that will ultimately influence those around you.

Excellent! But how can we accomplish this?

Remember to Nourish Your Soul. If your partner, child, or friends seem to be having a better or different holiday experience, take proactive steps to make changes. Forge your own path. Set aside some time just for yourself, even if it's only 10 to 20 minutes each day. It will make a noticeable difference.

You don't have to meditate for hours or contort yourself in yoga poses (although those can be enjoyable too). Simply take a leisurely stroll or sit by the pool on a fresh morning to reconnect with yourself and start the day on a positive note. Bring along that eagerly awaited new book—reading nourishes the soul .

If you have a particular hobby you enjoy at home, schedule time for it during your vacation and inform others in advance. This way, you won't find yourself blindly following the crowd. Perhaps you can catch a captivating show, engage in hill walking or climbing, embark on an exhilarating cycling adventure, or treat yourself to pre-booked spa treatments. As long as it resonates with your soul, you can't go wrong.

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect holiday, and this applies to spiritually evolved individuals as well. It's perfectly okay. Just like how people learn to walk or talk at different rates during childhood, even siblings evolve differently from each other. This journey is yours. It might also be an excellent opportunity to educate others on why your personal pursuits mean so much to you. Consequently, be mindful of maintaining your joyous practices when you return home. Now, they will understand the significance of your "downtime." A more contented self fosters happier relationships with everyone.

While delightful meals, joyous times, and holiday merriment come and go, the soul remains with us always. It's essential to nurture it with the same enthusiasm we apply to other aspects of our lives.

If you're in the midst of planning or embarking on a wonderful getaway, this might be the message you've been waiting for. You could return home and exclaim, "Now that's what I call a vacation! I feel fantastic!" Enjoy your trip, stay safe, and may your travels be filled with happiness.

With much love and many blessings always,

Ambriel xx

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