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Soul Contracts and Life Lessons

We talk about ‘life lessons’ easily; things that we have to learn down here which enable our souls … and others to grow, learn, become wiser and deeper. 

Some of those life lessons are karmic and some are for development.  None of it is done randomly.

Before we are reincarnated into this dimension, we have agreed to a ‘soul contract’.  This is where we discuss with those that are going to be around us and us them, what parts and roles we are going to play in our lifetime and theirs; this is why your life lessons cannot be avoided.  This is your ‘soul contract’.  We are in collaboration with other souls to enable us each to learn our lessons.  We are all connected.

Life lessons are always difficult, some painful even, but us humans can be a bit dense can’t we?  We almost never learn unless some difficulty or pain is attached.  I always use the analogy, stick your finger in the fire once, you do not do it a second time. (Do not even try that by the way!!!).

Our lessons are often the same ones, the list has to be long … but they can vary from that of trust … patience … knowing your worth … not repeating mistakes etc etc and in some aspects we are the ones that will be learning and in other aspects we will be teaching.  And here’s the thing, you cannot avoid them.  No matter what pathway you take, they will be there.  We are often not told about them coming in, we have to live them so they cannot be avoided. 

How the lessons play out, for each of us, will be very individual to our circumstances, after all we are all unique, therefore the delivery of the lesson will be unique and honed to our particular life path.

The idea is for each of us to grow spiritually; to teach each other and learn from each other via this ‘soul contract’.  For you to get the most out of the experiences that allow you to grow.

On each reincarnation we will have different lessons and if one from the past has not been learnt, it will be repeated and repeated until we do learn from it. 

We never remember our past lives; or I should say, we rarely remember them.  Nor do we often remember our time in spirit.  This is because we are reset each time we are reincarnated.  This way you do not bring your past into now as it is all a new ‘soul contract’.  A time to start over.  We can only ever take so much information, so by resetting each of us, it is a clear slate. 

Once a lesson is learnt, you never have to go through that again.

The reason why life is difficult at times is because we have to learn our life lessons; we have a soul contract to adhere to; we agreed to this and made the contract when last in spirit.  When life gets tough, remind yourself of this and ask yourself what you have to learn from that particular situation.  Once we have learnt the lesson, we then get some respite and calmer things come around us. 

To use a cliché, ‘Life is not meant to be easy’ as we do not grow when something is easy. 

Next time life gets tough, remember it is meant to … you agreed to this.



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