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Accessing the Akashic Records

Imagine a cosmic archive containing the energy and life experiences of every single person who has ever lived. Imagine also being able to have free access to these records and aligning yourself with your soul’s highest path. 

The Akashic records contain the journey of the soul through all our past incarnations reaching right back to our creation. Existing within the astral plane, it is possible to learn how to access the Akashic records to make positive changes to your life and discover why we keep making the same mistakes over and over. 

First introduced as a concept by Helena Blavatsky in the Western world, the word "Akasha" is sanskrit in origin. It could be described as higher plane or dimension. Guarded over by the great spiritual teachers, we sometimes experience spontaneous connections with our records that manifest as flashes of inspiration or meaningful dreams. During meditation and hypnosis, we may also access them, and for many people the goal of spiritual practice is to reach the innermost meaning of their existence itself through our Akashic records.                                         

The higher ascended masters who work from the astral plane encourage us to connect ourselves with Akashic energy as a way of developing awareness. Our guides are gently nudging us to wake up to our true life's path constantly and a huge part of the journey is learning how to be aware of the messages we receive. A chance meeting with a spiritually elevated person in day-to-day life, finding a book with a special message or waking up in the morning with a strong intuitive feeling are all the type of experiences that we can probably take as a clear message of importance from the Akashic plane. It's a good idea to keep a diary of any events out- of -the ordinary as what does not make sense now may well unfold over time. 

You may start the quest to find your records by making a definitive list of the questions that you would love to find the answers to, such as Who was I in a past life? Or how can I make sure my decision is the right one for me at this time? By writing these in your spiritual diary and spending some time with your tarot expert or clairvoyant, you can begin to work on these fundamental questions. Spirit will acknowledge your sincerity if your intentions are pure and open doors for you. Using prayer and affirmations can align you to your guides in spirit and through this you can discover where your true path may lie. It is good to remember that although we have the whole of eternity to discover who we really are, we are wise to take the spiritual path sooner rather than later. Such changes in our perception radiate through all aspects of our life, from career to relationships and beyond. I choose to work with the Tarot and scrying bowl as I have always received clear messages particularly if I have been neglecting one aspect of my life and I believe that this knowledge comes from the Akashic plane. I think of it as being the guidebook to my own journey. 


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