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A Reading with the Ascended Masters of Light

Do you know what an Ascended Master is?

Do you know what their role is around the planet?

Do you sometimes feel connected to one or some of the Masters?

Have you a personal relationship with a Master?

Ascended Masters are beings of light, who have gained Mastery over the skills of Ascension.  They have different spiritual roles around the earth for the Ascension of all beings and the earth and often have places of residence high up on mountains such as St Germain from Mount Shasta who comes under the essence of the Violet Flame and is one of the Lord Cones for the evolutionary process of humankind.  St Germaine is an Ascended Being and alongside Lord Maitreya being the future Buddha Christ and Ascended Master of the Earth & World Teacher.   

There are many Ascended Masters such as Lord Kuthumi who inspires Buddhist Philosophy, then we have Mary Magdalene whose role is activating twin flames and Lady Nada who comes under the pink rays of those Ascended beings with a highly evolved level of Unconditional Love and the Rose pink healing flame for initiating and activating the love energy within your matrix Mother Mary and Quan Yin. 

When you are ready to engage on the path of unconditional love and service to humanity and the planet.  The Divine Feminine being the ultimate forces and source for these levels of growth and becoming aware of ones true Goddess nature, becomes apparent when inspired by love and spiritually supported by these wonderful Ascended Masters of Light.

It is said that there is a power point and ethereal realm just above the North Pole within the stratosphere above the earth, which is home to a group of light beings known as The Spiritual Directive, the high council of 12 whom sit over planet earth overseeing earth’s evolution into the new age.  

This council of light beings are made up of Ascended Masters who house all different spiritual beliefs, knowledge and wayfarers. Representative of an interfaith, all faith and non-faith council of Ascended Masters of Light in aid of world peace healing and Ascension for all beings.  These Masters inspire, educate, and govern earth and her peoples’ progress spiritually and look to engage with those of vibration and frequency conjunctive to spiritual meetings in aid of enlightenment ascension healing and peace.  

Some of the Ascended Masters are:

  • Lord Hilarion
  • Lord Maitreya
  • Lord Kuthumi
  • Lord Buddha Guatama
  • Lord Christ
  • Lord Krishna
  • Ghandi
  • Sathia Sia Baba
  • Mother Mary
  • Mary Magdelane
  • Lady Nada
  • Babaji
  • Kwan Yin
  • Metatron
  • Melkizadech

Ascended Masters have been previously referenced by the Theosophical Society as a group of humans who spiritually evolved beyond the need to re-incarnate. So no longer re-incarnate and are enlightened beings with a wide range of spiritual knowledge who come to assist humanity.   

Some choose to re-incarnate as human masters in the body to come back as masters to help all beings to ascend whilst others work from the higher ethereal realms to aid all beings reach enlightenment.

Ascended Masters can connect and communicate with you through a mystic or psychic who has evolved and ascended to this level and is able to assist you in your spiritual ascension and growth through spiritual counselling in a reading suitable to your frequency and vibratory need.

If you are feeling guided to have this type of reading, do feel able to reach out and connect to raise your consciousness and have the opportunity of empowerments or atonements which may aid this process of ascension and growth for you.

You may even be interested in specific spiritual practices which aid and complement this process or need a little assistance, support and guidance on this path from an Ascended Master.

It is a beautiful way to connect with spiritual energies and a lovely true blessing in one’s life journey to know and feel supported by the Masters of Light whom are so wise and are an energetically divine blessing and so beautiful to connect to.

May the Blessings of the Masters of Light be with you all.

Mary Maria

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