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Yellow Citrine: November's Power Crystal

On these dark and gloomy days of autumn with the nights drawing in ever quicker, we seek the comfort of our cosy fireplaces and the warm glow of candles to help us through the darkest days. Yellow Citrine is the perfect crystal to add to your collection in November, and their vibrant, golden hues fill us with sweet memories of long summer days past. Yellow Citrine has important properties to offer us right now, and not just because it is the birthstone of those born in November.

In the Torah and Kabbalah, the archangel associated with Citrine is called Jophiel. She carries a divine feminine energy with all the qualities of intuition, creativity and inspiration and is an excellent choice of angel for those wishing to develop psychic abilities and the courage to be the person we truly want to be. To connect with her during meditation, visualise yourself surrounded by a bright yellow- gold light as you say a simple prayer to invite Jophiel into your life. She will make her presence known by invoking a renewed sense of optimism and the inspiration to be creative in all sorts of arts and crafts. For those who are already creative, call on Jophiel to send you inspiration when you feel that your ideas are not flowing as they should.                                                

In ancient Chinese culture Citrine was considered the go to stone for generating wealth and prosperity. The emperors during those times wore Citrine rings as they believed the crystal would give them deeper intuition and wisdom to rule. 

Feng Shui practice recommends the placing of a Citrine in the south-east corner of your home to draw positive energies that remove financial blockages and open us up to a flow of new opportunities in our careers and work lives. 

The ancient Egyptians associated Citrine with the Goddess Sekhmet. She was tasked to protect the Pharoahs in times of battle and restore and heal vitality and balance. Roman priests wore Citrine rings, and it was a popular practice to carve the image of a god or loved one onto the stone. 

By placing Citrine at the solar plexus just below the ribs during meditation we can draw on this healing energy for a quick pick-me-up. Relax and visualise golden light entering through the plexus and spreading to all areas of the body then surrounding the aura, with tendrils of light reaching out into the world. 

Wearing a piece of Citrine jewellery not only looks truly stunning but keeps us in line for a host of good things. Vitality can be restored, and a new sense of optimism which is signified by the colour yellow itself. Pop Citrine into a glass of spring water overnight, then remove the crystal from the glass and drink the water or infuse rock salt with Citrine crystals for a few days to add to your bath. You can even add colouring to the salt to mimic the bright yellow of Citrine which is naturally created by high levels of iron in the earth.


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