Astrology Readers

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Astrology Readers - Mica
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PIN: 500573

I am a natural intuitive, empath and Spiritual counsellor. I share my understanding of the human condition and connect using a variety of methods and Tarot decks. I have been involved in spiritual coa...

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Astrology Readers - Kunal
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PIN: 600259

I’m a Tarot reader. I use angel cards and help with dream interpretation. I’m also a law of attraction trainer. For any daily life, love, and career please feel free to contact. I don’t need to know y...

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Astrology Readers - Jasmine
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PIN: 600595

I am a natural Psychic, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient . I’m open, warm and caring. My gift has evolved over the past 30 years. I have worked as an online Psychic for over ten years now and quickly tun...

Next Due: Tomorrow @ 15:00 (EST)
Astrology Readers - Karie
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PIN: 600575

I am an experienced Psychic advisor and Healer with a genuine gift and years of experience helping and guiding others spiritually with love from light. If you have gone off path or need advice in love...

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Astrology Readers - Melody J
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Melody J

PIN: 600603

I’ve been helping people for many years giving guidance and answers to questions they need answering, I’ve been a Tarot reader for many years and totally enjoy the work I do, please feel free to give ...

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Astrology Readers - Samara
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PIN: 600376

I am a natural Clairvoyant, having had spontaneous images of future events from age 5. I also undertook extensive training 30 years ago to harness these abilities. I have been a successful reader and ...

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Astrology Readers - Amelia
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PIN: 500555

My readings are straightforward, empowering, in–depth and help give you insight, balance and perspective in your relationship, career and personal areas. I'm an intuitive empath and psychic with clai...

Next Due: 19/04/2021 @ 06:00 (EST)
Astrology Readers - Isabella
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PIN: 600976

I became aware of my intuition at an early age and learned Tarot from my mother, an international reader. I am insightful, compassionate, and non-judgemental. I use Tarot cards, a pendulum, and my own...

Next Due: 19/04/2021 @ 20:00 (EST)
Astrology Readers - Simon Priest
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Simon Priest

PIN: 600903

I am a highly gifted spiritual guide who has worked with many tools to help those in need. I will show you how to navigate through this journey to overcome the blocks and obstacles that stand in your ...

Next Due: 20/04/2021 @ 15:00 (EST)
Astrology Readers - Gaia
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PIN: 600486

I had the gift as a child and could always predict the future; I could see, smell and feel the spirits from about 7/8 years old. I also read emotion so I can sense sadness, excitement, nerves, sensing...

Next Due: 20/04/2021 @ 22:00 (EST)
Astrology Readers - Maria M
Credit/Debit card only

Maria M

PIN: 600031

I specialize in Tarot cards, Numerology, Moon Oracle cards, Spiritual coaching/counselling, and Dream interpretation. I discovered at the age of 12 that I was a bit different from others and knew that...

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Astrology Readers - Charnjit
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PIN: 500410

In our 21st century, have it all society, we don't always have that "friend" to listen to us and give us insight because they too have their stuff going on. Sometimes, just by talking a situation thro...

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Astrology Readers - Chris Hope
Credit/Debit card only

Chris Hope

PIN: 600624

I will be guiding you using my expert knowledge of the Tarot. I am a third-generation psychic, with a strong connection to the divine, and the spiritual realm. Practical and enlightening, you can have...

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Astrology Readers - Kate
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600854

I am an empathetic and intuitive, psychic tarot reader with over 30 years experience, and from several generations of psychics. I can offer intuitive tarot guidance in a warm, friendly and non-judgmen...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Amy
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600838

I am a Piscean, Intuitive Tarot reader and Psychic. You are welcome to have a reading with me whichever you feel most comfortable. My speciality is relationships and life purpose readings. I use Tarot...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Healing Hand of Light
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Healing Hand of Light

PIN: 600862

I am a psychic medium, remote viewer, Tarot card reader, clairvoyant, clairaudient, intuitive reader and healer who has been practising for 20 years now with a great proven track record. I live and tr...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Rhianne
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PIN: 600654

I specialise in Love/Relationship and Spiritual Development. I have been using my spiritual gifts for over 25 years to help clients overcome life's challenges so they can live their best lives. I am C...

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Astrology Readers - Michael West
Credit/Debit card only

Michael West

PIN: 600899

Peace to you, I carry on in my Grandmothers tradition and am blessed to be a blessing by using my knowledge and talents. I offer you an understanding ear and Psychic insights using my Clairvoyance, ca...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Barbara
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PIN: 600856

My intention is to guide you along your life path and offer potential routes forward. I have loved reading Tarot cards for almost 20 years and with equal passion and commitment I have studied Astrolog...

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Astrology Readers - Crystal N
Credit/Debit card only

Crystal N

PIN: 600793

I am a Psychic and Empath. I have a very strong sense of clear knowing also called Claircogzance. I use my gifts and abilities to help people navigate the ebbs and flows of life. I have several strong...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Nancy
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 500139

YOU have the key to your destiny, I can open the door...with over 40 years of experience under my belt and a straight, no nonsense style of reading Tarot cards I will give you the answers you seek. I ...

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Astrology Readers - Sasha Starz
Credit/Debit card only

Sasha Starz

PIN: 600955

I offer spiritual intuitive readings to give you guidance about any topic of your life. I am a true god gifted reader. Will give you the answers, direction, and understanding you need! Are you feeling...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Luanne
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600966

I’m a Psychic Tarot reader, my energies focus to help remove life obstacles blocking insight. I incorporate with Tarot for confirmation and guidance. I am able to pick up spiritual forces by channelli...

Currently Unavailable
Astrology Readers - Wednesday
Credit/Debit card only


PIN: 600289

I am a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Tarot and Oracle card reader with over 20 years experience. I can offer non judgemental and positive readings that not only offer insight but valuable guidance dir...