Phone Readers (Runes)

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PIN: 600520

I’m organically in-tuned spiritually to connect with spirits and have inherited highly intuitive gifts. I have been reading professionally for the past 6 years. In a reading I have different methods, ...

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PIN: 500046

As a Piscean woman I have an abundance of healing energy which I access with Reiki and Tarot. As an intuituive reader I allow the cards to 'speak' to me, forming a snapshot of you, your life, where yo...

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PIN: 500072

I am a third generation psychic. I use my own natural intuition and tools such as cards and my pendulum. I use my tools in my own person guidance. I feel my readings are like jigsaw puzzle, you have ...

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Mystic Mindi

PIN: 500080

I am available to guide you through your issues, questions and discuss with the support of your guides, your solutions....