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Wheel of Fortune and The Page of Swords

You have chosen the Wheel of Fortune and the Page of Swords. The Wheel of Fortune is a really good card, for it deals with Jupiter which is about expansion, opportunity, goodwill and contentment. It shows that your plans have got growth and energy and it's a lucky time. The next two to three years are going to be very lucky. It's about being in the right place at the right time. If you like, it's a card of fate - what goes around comes around and it's your turn. There have been some minor setbacks where you felt that you're going backwards and forwards and not getting anywhere as quickly as you'd like. This is because you do not have the experience and knowledge yet to see things through to a good conclusion. You need to work a little bit harder at sorting out these minor setbacks. Although they've been irritating and annoying, this card tells you that you're on your way to success. This is the luckiest card of the pack, for things are coming up trumps for you. Things are taking a turn for the better and it will last. There are big changes coming your way and lots of different opportunities are going to now present themselves to you. These projects and plans will develop in a wonderful way. It represents abundance and good fortune; once in a lifetime opportunities are coming your way, especially where making money is concerned, so you've really got to be a bit of an entrepreneur and be as optimistic as possible, for this will attract the pleasant and the productive to you. It's a time to have lots of fun; enjoyment and laughter are yours as you're now becoming a little more committed to a spiritual, social and physiological idea. You're full of hope and inspiration which is triggered by new contributions and it's a sense of involvement with everyone around you that gives you a feeling of confidence. It's about fulfilling your material ambitions and rewarding yourself by evolving. Your future depends upon your integrity and your effort. You will realise that you create your own luck because you've got enough faith in your future to take the risk in the present.

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Sue D
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Sue D

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I am a natural born Psychic medium and Clairvoyant, I am an honest,empathic and a trustworthy reader, I specialize in connecting to my spirit guide which enables me to pass on messages of information ...

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I can guide you with my Tarot cards linking into my spiritual ability, I have been Psychic most of my life, so let me help you with either going down the right path in life, your love life, career opp...

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I use either clairvoyance or the tarot cards in my readings. Being a 'Telephone Exchange' for the spirit world what I get given comes directly from them. I have always been very sensitive to unseen in...

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Ally Key
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Ally Key

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Welcome! I am an experienced, trusted yet established Psychic Medium, Tarotist, Intuitive Life Coach and Law of Attraction Motivator. Let me be the light for you, to see through and beyond within any ...

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Jane O'Hara
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Jane O'Hara

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I am a well known and loved Irish medium. My gift has been passed down from my mother’s side of the family. My mother Angela is my main spirit guide. My grandfather and mother were my first teachers s...

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Ameel by GarnettRated: 5 

He is always stellar!! He guides me with insight so that you can work through this.

Cathy by AARated: 5 

Cathy is astounding. She mentioned things to me, like where I am from — that she couldn’t possibly know. She has a genuinely beautiful gift and I’m so grateful for her readings.

Lori Ann by TLRated: 5 

You are amazing and I am beyond grateful that I have your trusted guidance during this hardship in my life! You are a beacon shining bright that’s there to help guide and navigate these murky waters xxxxxxooo

Emily by AnonRated: 5 

Amazing. I have no words. I am not using anyone else going forward. There is really no need. Thanks Em xx

Jasmine by AreejRated: 5 

Jasmine gives a reading that is honest and true to heart. Always consistent, without any contradictions in terms. Her predictions are also consistent with clarity of what to expect with out any hypocrisy. She uplifts and guides with joy and happiness never with any negativity. Thank you.

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