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After doing live shows throughout the world of mediumship and spirit channeled evidence, I grew a following; which permitted ease of availability through this platform. I have read minds since birth, then throughout the decades; perfected my remote viewing. Beyond this; I tap into the subconscious thoughts of you and also your people of interest; to discover the 'WHY's to a situation that need changing. Once you know the reasons people are doing to you (what they are doing); you can make the right choice in how, or even how NOT ... to react. I work with my waking visions, channeled from the divine; whilst I hear your voice. I can simultaneously hear a host of different Angelic beings describe in detail your needs and prospects. My only tools are myself, crystals and energetic frequencies to conduct the information into my consciousness; to unravel your dilemmas. I was born seeing spirit people and Angels; and could hear them also talk in great detail. Much to my comfort and joy and they have never failed me.

Marcelle's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Spirit Coach

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Reviews for Marcelle (82)

User27122Rated: 5 

Such a wonderful reading. She was beyond accurate when describing my POI. She is very connected to your story, and if she can't see something she will be honest about it. She is very compassionate as well.

DonnaRated: 5 

Thank you Marcelle! I got a message the very next day. I have felt my vibration lift since talking to you. You connected with me so well, understood me and my situation instantly. Your guidance has moved me, I will keep you posted and speak to you soon. Your truly gifted, glad our souls met.

StephRated: 5 

Thank you, so much information and insight. Spot on with everything.