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Wheel of Fortune and The Four of Pentacles

You have chosen the Wheel of Fortune and the 4 of Pentacles. The 4 of Pentacles shows that it has been lean times with money and you have had to hold on to any money you've had and struggle. Perhaps you've been through the mill. It is time now to realise that that part of life is starting to change for the Wheel of Fortune is going to improve your finances tremendously. However, you still have a wee tendency to wish to overspend. The Wheel of Fortune deals with expansion which shows there are opportunities coming your way, particularly when it comes to finances. That is because you have the 4 of Pentacles as well. It shows that finances are going to get luckier from now on. In fact the next two to three years are downright positive for you. It's about being in the right place at the right time. If you like; luck, karma, fate, whatever you want to call it. But the expansion and opportunity are due to the goodwill and contentment that you now have and are continuing to grow in energy to support you more and more. It could be to do with any lucky breaks or once in a lifetime opportunities that are coming your way. They represent the abundance and good fortune that is coming your way. Now it's all about being as optimistic as possible and having the maximum positive approach to what you want. The more you invest in your opportunities the more you'll get back. It's a time to enjoy life, to enjoy the fun, the laughter and the sheer pleasure of just being part of the human race. It is a time to explore anything you want particularly when it comes to travel, higher education or the intellectual. Everything and anything can be expanded upon for the Wheel of Fortune works in conjunction with the planet Jupiter. You are someone who has had to be completely practical and methodical in what they've had to do particularly where your finances are concerned, so you've definitely got your feet firmly on the ground. Take a practical approach and the more opportunities coming your way the more you can plan. This can develop into wonderful things. Things are definitely changing for the better. It is simply a question of what you want to do first.

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Sue D

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Stevie F

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Aylin by PoppetRated: 5 

This lady is incredible! From start to end, she delivers and it just rolls out of her effortlessly. This is what I need from a reader, (not a tarot reader.) She’s a breath of fresh air having a psychic that actually is a psychic! Picked up so much. Look forward to her predictions.Will defo call bk

Claire S by JRated: 5 

A very good psychic.

Kendra by BRated: 5 

Highly recommended. Spot on as always!!

Aylin by 1234Rated: 5 

Some details are based on astrology. I didn't realize that, it sounded as if it was from spirit. After a few reads the same astrology was repeated, i was a bit saddened. but..She DID initially get timing right, amazing! I pray the other details unfold versus being astrological forecasting.

Lightangel by LeanneRated: 5 

What can I say. This lady is 1 in a million. Such a talented lady. One of the best readers I have known. She is spot on with her readings. Very accurate with the past, present and the future. I have had several readings now and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. I would highly recommend xx

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