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The Tower and The Six of Cups

You have chosen the Tower and the 6 of Cups. It has been an unsettling time for you because the Tower is always unsettling. There have been sudden interventions within your life and your foundations have been uprooted. It's as if things have been struck by lightening and things won't be the same again. You're having to deal with a side of your nature which is ruled by the planet Mars. This is because the Tower is connected to Mars and these deals with our energy and our drive and how we assert ourselves. It's about being in touch with the male side of everybody and it is your turn now. You're feeling nostalgic because of what has happened. You're feeling lonely for your family and reminiscing about good times. Perhaps you want to get in touch with your childhood again or go back into childhood memories from the past. Maybe this is about reconciliation and you've realised it's time to bury the hatchet. You've had to defend yourself in life and the physical and spiritual level. You've had to define yourself as someone who is separate and unique. This has felt difficult in a potentially hostile world. You've had to fight for your individuality whether this has been through your religion, your politics, your country, your family, your love, or what you want for yourself within a career. You have to be careful and look back and see if you've had a battle with someone that you feel you didn't handle so good. Perhaps you went in for tactics of emotional blackmail or were slightly aggressive. This is because Mars expresses itself in a very fundamental way, usually through misdirected anger. This has probably caused some suffering which needs to be healed. You've had difficulty battling with your self assertion and yet at the same time longing for emotional closeness. It may have been hard work and out of fear people rejected each other. This may have antagonised the family set up. You need to act with honour and integrity here and to realise that those concerned, including yourself, were doing the best they could at the time. Now, with life's experiences, it may be time to look at the situation again from a different perspective and to adopt a more positive outlook with a wiser and more experienced eye as to what is to be gained by this continuing situation and realising sometimes you may need to sweep out the old and bring in the new.

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Emily by NRated: 5 

Emily has been my go-to reader for the past few months. She has such a calm voice that it puts you at ease instantly. Most of her predictions have already come to pass. Highly recommend a session with her.

Faith Bird by BethRated: 5 

Faith is a very nice lady, what she predicted did occur, wherever she goes, previous customers follow, not only does she know a lot but she makes callers feel much better too! ×Xx Thanking you for this Miss Lane

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Jason is a lovely person. He has got amazing vision with all his predictions, short term and long term, come to pass!! Thank you Jason for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you! xx

AyannaKai by User46132Rated: 5 

Very good and very positive

Poonam by ARated: 5 

She is very accurate! I noticed she doesn't give a ton of specific details when you ask follow up questions. Whatever comes through initially is what is given I found it hard to delve and get additional info. That said, it should NOT deter you - she is truly connected!

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