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The Tower and The Page of Cups

You have chosen the Tower and the Page of Cups. The Tower is an unsettling card. It shows sudden intervention. The foundations you know have been uprooted as if struck by lightening and out of the blue came a bolt. It can have a very upsetting energy to it. It is ruled by the planet Mars which deals with energy, drive, assertion and the male side of everyone. This is probably affecting you within a romance for the Page of Cups talks about someone who perhaps you are not serious about but nonetheless has let you down. The relationship seems to be over. If you are honest with yourself you know that you had quite a vivid imagination here and that you were day dreaming to imagine that this person was anything more than immature, perhaps it was just a crush on your behalf of just good old fashioned infatuation but you've now taken off the rose coloured glasses and realised that it was you that was perhaps being a little flamboyant and slightly immature. This person did not take kindly to being ignored to being given any ultimatums. You will find they are very hot blooded and quite erratic in their personality. It's time now for you to realise what you really want from life and to go out and grab the opportunities that are coming your way and not just in a romantic sense for now this has happened there are much more positive effects and indeed out of what you would call a negative situation. You got out and you got out fast. These changes are definitely on the way to you so it's time now to look at a new chapter and start again. You've got to look at being realistic and adopting a different and more positive approach now that you've taken off the rose coloured glasses you are able to see the illusions or delusions that were going on around this character. It's time now for you to defend yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and separate yourself as an individual. Don't look at life as if you are a victim. Start releasing your sensitivity to others and be totally realistic about your approach and your acceptance of what you really want.

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Emily by RBTRated: 5 

I have been able to validate so many things that have been happening as Emily has relayed. Each conversation with my POI has revealed almost verbatim what the guides have said would be coming. I can't wait until the big picture unfolds !! 2023 !

Julie by TillyRated: 5 

Julie gave me the name and star sign of a younger person I’d meet, who would come out of nowhere. 11 days later it happened!! Points of contact from others have been on point too and had a ton of validations. Astounding reader who feels like an old friend. Talk soon and take care Julie x

Emily by Starry SkiesRated: 5 

Astoundingly accurate and lovely to talk to. Emily’s readings always bring great comfort and clarity. Thank you Emily xxx

Katt by CarolCRated: 5 

Had a quick reading really good. Thank you, Carol x

Jane O'Hara by CrisRated: 5 

Jane has been reading for me for a couple years! She’s wonderful, spot on and very specifics on timelines. I trust her guidance so much, so credible, and so cheery. She has helped me in many aspects of my life with work, romance and life events! Even a dog animal reading! Thank you for everything!

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