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The Tower and The Nine of Wands

You have chosen the Tower and the 9 of Wands. The 9 of Wands shows that you have been trying to defend without success matters of work. Things have been becoming a problem at work. You've been doing too much. You're physically worn out but very stubborn. You won't surrender but you know you're fighting a losing battle. You're already hanging on and trying to protect what has already got out of hand. You're trying to protect what you feel is yours. You're feeling as if you're in oppression but the Tower is here to change all of that. Although unsettling, the Tower will sort things out for you. Matters of work have been getting out of hand and you are going to have things changed quickly and suddenly if it hasn't happened already. The Tower is ruled by the planet Mars which sorts out everything with energy, drive and assertion. It is the male side of everybody, the logic, the thing that makes us move on and forwards but leaves things behind. The Tower is unsettling, dynamic, difficult and sometimes oppressive. We find ourselves worried that things that we know and believe that our knowledge has taught us in the past have gone, suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue. It shows that there is now to be a clean break with the past. It means that there are positive effects coming in out of the negative situation. You're going to get out of this and fast. There are changes on the way and you must grab the opportunities to start a new opportunity within your career. You must adopt a different, more positive approach but not one that puts in so much physical hard work. You need to know when to let go. The Tower comes when we know that things should change but we can't do it. You will hopefully see things in a new light where you're stripped of all the illusions that you had. You must be more honest and objective about your own needs. The surges of energy after you had amassed your enthusiasm will be enterprising. You need to make a name for yourself, your ego needs it but you need to take a rest first. You need to decide whether you want to be a leader or a follower, dynamic and assertive and you know what you want from life so you've got to grab the opportunities and stop working so hard on something that has long gone. This will make you more prepared in the future when problems arise. You'll now know exactly how to direct any anger that you have rather than suppress it or fear it. You're being totally transformed and you're willing to change, now starting to build your career on much stronger, firmer foundations.

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Debbie is an absolutely wonderful person and an amazing reader! I can confirm that the next stage of predictions has just happened within the timescale Debbie gave me. I stick to what Debbie recommends, stay positive and it all comes true! If you feel lost or confused, you need to call this reader!

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Ella is an amazing reader. She is guiding me through a very difficult personal situation and her guidance as well as predictions have been spot on! All come to pass! Thank you very much!

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Superb!!! Validation after validation with things Shelly couldn’t possibly know!! L&L ‘the Baffoon lol’ xxx

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Great reading with James. Very accurate and very quick to tune in. Would highly recommend. Will be back. Thanks

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Mr. sent a friendship post the same day. I ignored it. The other guy did show up. You were also correct about his age. The date went as you stated it would which was different for us but nicer. He wants to go out again as you stated. Both situations are playing out as you called it.

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