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The Tower and The Four of Swords

You have chosen the Tower and the 4 of Swords. The 4 of Swords explains that you've needed to take a break and put your strength into reserve. This period of rest has involved you doing nothing. You needed to recover from a situation that's happened fast, quickly and suddenly. It is a time of action but you must think before you act for this is a time of confusion. It's been very unsettling. Your energy and drive are essential to sort this project out but you are feeling weary, mentally you are not as assertive as is necessary at this moment in time but having had a period of rest you can recover and get back on track and be as dynamic and as assertive as is necessary because your foundations have been totally uprooted and everything around you has changed. The dust is settling and you need time to get used to what's happened. It's been so demanding that you feel there is nothing left in which to fight but after some thinking and some retreat and putting yourself into isolation where you can be alone with your thoughts and have time to plan and formulate your goal, you will be able to get back on track and sort things out. The Tower works with Mars which is a planet about energy and dynamics and you're being asked to be quick off the mark so once you've planned a strategy and taken time out to really think out what you want, there's no stopping you for you really need to be fast. You're a leader, not a follower and this is the time to show with careful planning, that you are the one for the job. It may be necessary for you to work out how to defend yourself physically and emotionally, for you are someone who is not a coward and you define your own goals and values in the most efficient and effective of ways. It's just that you are tired and you need time so that you're back on track. You are someone who will be satisfied by nothing less than fast and indeed you really need to do this for you need to be recognised as someone who's special and realise your own acceptance of your own limitations. Everybody needs a break from time to time. Do not see this as defeat, just a rest period where you can recover and get back on with the battle.

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