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The Tower and The Five of Swords

You have chosen the Tower and the 5 of Swords. The 5 of Swords tells you there are people around you who are not acting in your best interest. These people are addicted to gossip and talking behind people's backs. It's a battlefield. You're struggling your way through this mental abuse where people are argumentative or bullying in the way in which they conduct their lives. You need to get out of this situation and fast. These people are not vibrating on the same frequency as you and you realise that you're in a situation that you cannot change or turn events round. You need to fight your way out of here and remove yourself from this very negative environment. You're being asked to be strong and courageous and see yourself as a separate individual and that you are a leader and not a follower but you cannot lead these people. These people are not willing to change. Not now anyway. You have suddenly realised that you must take action and although this is unsettling and very, very uncomfortable you realise that you have the dynamics and the energy necessary in order to move on and fast. The Tower is telling you this is quick, quick, quick, you've suddenly been stripped of all the illusions and delusions and realising this was totally necessary and that you've been more honest and objective about your own motives here. You really are being put to the test. This is a strength of character you need to see in yourself. You've been coping up to now and you realise that you really need to fight against such negative attitudes. These problems will not go away and the people will not change their attitudes towards you. Just remember it's easy to change direction. You've got to adopt a different and more positive attitude and to be around like minded people you do not vibrate on the same frequency as these people. You are someone that's usually inspired by the approval and feedback of others but you realise this is unethical and it's time to get out.

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Karen by Zara2014Rated: 5 

Thank you so much Karen for being so calming, supportive and compassionate during my difficult emotional and nervous time. What you said has come to past in the timeline regarding home changes. You are tremendously gifted and so accurate. I am very grateful to have spoken with you. Lot of love.

Janette by AVBRated: 5 

Janette’s readings are consistent in giving insight and clarity into what lies ahead, and her advice has been invaluable in making the right decisions. J is one of the readers who’s predictions do come to fruition, and who’s readings always leave me with a sense of positivity in going forward. TY x

Faith Bird by NRated: 5 

Thank you Faith for another fab reading. Always picks up ots of validations, great insights and no Qs asked. Never get to say thank you as you're giving the reading till the last min. So worth waiting for, Faith is caring, non judgemental and precise in what she sees. Thanks so much Faith

Nina Anne by LizRated: 5 

Nina tells you what she feels and I'm grateful for her interpretation of my complicated query about a reconnection. I was at a low ebb at the time of the reading - but she gave me the reassurance I needed - thank you Nina x

Kendra by AudreyRated: 5 

Lovely lady, very reassuring and such a good reader. Give Kendra a call for a reading you will be glad you did. Love her. Thank you Kendra xx

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