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The Sun and The Seven of Pentacles

You have chosen the Sun and the 7 of Pentacles. This is a time for you to make an investment. The 7 of Pentacles is asking you to look at what you've got and not to get fed up and give up with what you're doing. However, you've had to work extremely hard to harvest the money you have but it's now time to take a little investment and take a financial risk. You've only got to invest a tiny amount, nothing more than you can afford to lose, stick with the rest of what you've got, so it's looking at something new and trying to make your money work for you. You may need to take some time to either get professional help or to do some research or you may already know exactly where you'd like to invest your money. Whether this is into bricks and mortar or a business or whether you simply want to look at a savings scheme, it doesn't matter: for as long as you realise that you must stick with what you've got and not lose everything, that you must take a very slight gamble - for this is where you full potential lies. Now, you may find that you will lose the first time round, but you must not be disheartened, for it's about you getting it right and taking the time to realise there are other ways for you to make your hard earned cash to work for you for the Sun card is giving you the confidence. You've learnt a lot, particularly from your working life and you've made lots of investments in the past, some good, some bad, but perhaps they weren't financial ones. You've become successful enough within yourself to have the confidence to go off and succeed even further for you have the ability to know what you want and know what works for you and create with practical and logical ambition a happiness that comes from succeeding. The Sun card also deals with family; it shows that things are going particularly well when it comes to family members. This togetherness helps stimulate you into providing for your long term financial security. The Sun card deals with the success of work, family, marriage and children. It's about realising who you are and what you want and making sure that you appreciate and value what is most important to you.

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I had a reading 2 weeks ago from Rosie everything she predicted has came true I never thought it would she's amazing an goes into great detail about things she could never know an she uses no tools which is a bonus don't hesitate to have a reading she's absolutely amazing.

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Got a lot right but predictions did not happen in the time she said. Lovely person.

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I love Dawn! Straight to the point and honest and great information given in her readings. Still waiting for big predictions to unfold, but every faith that they will as predictions have already unfolded along the way! Thanks Dawn you're a star! I will be back soon for another reading xxx

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