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The Sun and The Nine of Pentacles

You have chosen the Sun and the 9 of Pentacles. These are two wonderful cards. The 9 of Pentacles is all about the luxury fulfilment of your personal dreams and wishes. The Sun card deals with the male, logical, practical happiness that comes from being part of the human race. Your happiness is to be fully exposed, for you have gone on to succeed and you will even promote this success further. You have released the person inside of yourself which makes you happy with yourself. This has caused you to feel that you're confident enough to go about getting what you want from life for you are surrounding yourself with the correct environment and the right people around you and you are not afraid of hard work. You are keen to be focussed, to achieve the goals you put in front of yourself. The 9 of Pentacles explains that you've gone on to achieve the happiness and the abundance of wealth that comes from working hard. Yore someone who is very lucrative and you are driven by the fact that you like nice things. You have very good taste. This is your motivation for you realise that you can achieve what you want by going for it. You are someone that probably works best in solitude. You like to be financially independent and you are definitely prepared to put work before relationships but you will not surround yourself with fools or someone who's reserved, and if people can't keep u with you, you move on. You have class and you confidence and charisma to do extremely well in business. You are capable of working hard but you get the balance right by spoiling yourself frequently enough to keep your motivation going. By being decadent you prove to yourself just how hard you've worked and how much you deserve it. You are now in a situation within your working life to achieve the maximum. By staying in balance, you will go on to create exactly what you want, for it's by investing in the present with hopefulness and hard work and dedication that you achieve the maximum.

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Enjoyed it very much she was eager to answer my questions with lots of details. Will be back!

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I've had serval readings with Cheyanne, she is very talented and picks up on things so quickly and with so much detail. I've lost count of the amount of things that she has predicted that have come to pass already, she is an amazing reader and such a lovely person too. I highly, highly recommend :)

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Tuned in very quickly in my situations - Really good so far. Many Thanks Jane.

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Omgosh Katie and her guides are so amazing.. truth after truth.. so thankful and grateful for Katie!!!

Ali by MaggieRated: 5 

Ali is straight to the point and speaks fast and clearly. She uses tarot but also seems to have another means to read for you. She asked if I had a question. She was spot on about the two main aspects that came up. Shame we ran out of time. I recommend Ali.

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