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The Sun and The Knight Ace of Wands

You have chosen the Sun and the Knight of Wands. The Sun is a wonderful card for it deals with our personal happiness, the practical happenings that go on from a logical, male, side. The happiness is about to be fully exposed for it is to do with the confidence you have. Anything where marriage, children and a family is involved is wonderful for the practical happiness that is around you is about the achievements of these things in life. It's about having the balance between your happiness from your family, your friends and your social life and the confidence of being part of something that you feel is worthwhile. We have to have achievements in life, otherwise we feel there's no point, but you are someone that likes to be on the move all the time and the Knight of Wands shows there's moving and relocation around your work. There may be some very big important travel going on for you this year. You are someone who is game for adventure and always on the move and looking for new action in life. The more new enterprises come your way, the happier you will fare for you are someone that needs adventure and you need action. You're physically active and you're very capable of doing something that is physically creative. Anything that is to do with the outdoors would be good for you but there is a slight gap in your wisdom and knowledge that has just come from not having had enough experience of where you want to end up. You are still working towards your goal. You need to find a place in life where you can shine and be recognised as special. As long as you can keep discovering the creative outlets that you have got, you'll be happy, and as long as there's someone to appreciate your efforts such as an admiring audience would be better still. You love working towards something that is of a personal excellence to you where it can be recognised by an audience who feels that you have used your creative ideas and given them shape.

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Thank you, Alexis. This is one of the very best readings I have received anywhere--ever. You are exceedingly generous with your effort, accurate, realistic, positive, and helpful. I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.

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Don't sleep on her she's amazing, I just had another "random" prediction happen that I really didn't expect to!

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One of the very best readers on site. Fully recommend a reading with Emily, she is definitely worth queuing for x

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The only Michaela for sure! Always a great call with accuracy, empathy and fantastic knowledge and guidance!!! An angel here on earth… ty ty Michaela!

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