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The Sun and The Ace of Pentacles

You have chosen the Sun and the Ace of Pentacles.. This is a lovely card for it is about the happiness that is about to be fully exposed to you regarding your own personal success. It's the happiness and the child like qualities within you that have been brought out and the enjoyment of enjoying exactly who you want to be and fitting in with life and feeling satisfied for the Sun is all about practical happiness that comes from being part of the human race. Joyful time is also connected to your financial security, for the Ace of Pentacles is explaining that there's luck on the way to you regarding wealth. These opportunities need to be jumped at. Any new financial chance to make you happy should not be hesitated on for a moment for the Ace of Pentacles is a card of wealth. It's telling you to use your initiative and enjoy the waves that are around you to increase security. It's about the security and comfort and the well-being of your family, for the Sun card is the practical happiness that comes from being around a group of people such as your family where the togetherness is very satisfying. You can attain your goals knowing that you have the simplest things in life to look forward to, and bring you pleasure but with the support of your family you are thoroughly enjoying being who you are. This is why the Sun is such a pleasing card for it's the personal happiness linked with what we want to be, who is around us and how we make that happen. It shows you've now got more confidence that ever before for success is definitely going to come to you. When somebody is in high spirits and sincere, it's very easy to attract the correct sort of attention which is exactly why you will be successful, for people are noticing your charisma and your attitude and find it good to be around. Therefore, the attraction levels of the opportunities multiply just by a change of attitude. Your cheerfulness grabs the attention necessary you see. This is an excellent time to surround yourself with your friends and family.

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Elsa by CarmelRated: 5 

I had another wonderful reading with Elsa today. Excellent link into Spirit was so reassuring and comforting. Elsa is truly gifted. Thank you so so much Elsa. X

Ruth by FrankieRated: 5 


Kendra by Lunar Rated: 5 

First call with Kendra ((29/6) and she was amazing. Only asked for a general relationship reading, but she picked up on the poi straight away in accurate detail, and gave clarification of how it would work out. Also gave details of a past relationship she couldn’t have known. Thanks lively lady x

Elsa by JanRated: 5 

Thank you Elsa such an in-depth reading so looking forward to the road ahead with my TF

Cathy by TRated: 5 

Just a validation - Cathy told me on the 23rd something would appear regarding work or money on the 23rd. I heard from my work that my pay was being shifted to a different classification. Well done Cathy I look forward to the rest of what you provided!

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