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The Star and The Six of Pentacles

You have chosen the Star and the 6 of Pentacles. The Star is about our hopes, wishes and aspirations. It's about the social life and the community. This is about keeping one foot firmly on land and testing new waters gently. It's a very lucky time for the Star picks up on our hopes and our wishes and deals with the star sign Aquarius. It shows that our hopes and aspirations work towards the principles and ideals that we deeply feel as human beings. It shows that you're involved in some form of charity. Perhaps you are helping others and you've once been in the situation where you were helped yourself. You're finding that even though you're giving your services and your help to someone or something that needs it that money for you goes out quicker than it comes in. That's life! You're humble. You realise that it can be that you have to struggle but that doesn't stop you from helping those around you. You're someone that mucks in and really does help wherever you feel you can make a big difference and you know it's important to get involved in something where you feel that you're making a difference particularly if it means that someone else is helped along to the next stepping stone within your life. You realise that you need to be confident and that you create your own luck by working extremely hard in the present towards your future. And you work for and on behalf of your principles and you fulfil them to the best of your ability and you realise then that that investment has given you your material gain. You are someone that is not a fake. You are very sincere and you care about what you do. You invest the maximum time and confidence in something that is close to your heart. If you are unable to be connected to something you cannot give it your all so you are someone who is blunt and tells people exactly whether or not it is right for you. You know yourself very well so this is about getting the most out of the potential that you have. You're doing an excellent job, for you never get involved with anything that you don't care about.

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Marcelle by NinaRated: 5 

Spot on with all her timings and prediction always happen. She told me exactly what would happen on the registration of my setting and that inspectors will ask same questions again and will double up. Told me 2nd interview of one staff will have same inspector but another typist.

Winnie by ZiaRated: 5 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE beautiful miss Winnie she always remembers where we left off and is of great support. Always on target. Love it thank you so much!

Marcelle by KarenRated: 5 

Amazing lady. Could talk to her all night. She picked up on my poi immediately. Especially his looks, his necklace he wears, how we are telepathic, how he can't shake me off. That October will be magical. Sees us together springtime so have to wait due to his situation!! But it will happen for us

Brandy by CapricornAlexisRated: 5 

What a great reader and reading! I called back several times and got an accurate reading each time...Everything said was validated. I would have called again with more topics to go over but reached my limit lol. I am now a lifelong client ...I found someone I connected with so well! Thank u so much!

Teya by Magiccandace Rated: 5 

Teya helped me so much and is an absolutely amazing reader. Very compassionate and accurate. Very gifted and left me feeling hopeful and gave me clarity! Call her, she is wonderful!

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