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The Star and The King of Cups

You have chosen the Star and the King of Cups. This is a happy time. The Star card is about wish fulfilment - the wishes we've hoped for ourselves - it's a very good time, particularly for our personal happiness. It's attached to a very strong healing for us. You are enjoying life and your mind, body and soul are reaping the rewards of a stress free situation. This is because you're working on your aspirations and your principles and ideals are extremely important to you right now. Your emotional output and input in life is everything to you. Now you're testing the waters for yourself and finding out how life really is. In different aspects of everything you're working on your hobbies and Starting to get involved with the community and something that you feel dedicated and quite strongly about. You've got a lot of confidence with this. This makes you stand out from the crowd so it's important right now to use your unique talents and skills to develop something that's close to your heart that makes you and the community feel it's a better place. This is about taking a fresher approach to an old problem and working wonders. If things go as planned, these events will have quite an impact on other people. There may be some radical thinking involved that is necessary to get the job done but you've made such an emotional investment to this for you feel compassionate and sensitive and that you feel that something must be done so you're trusting in yourself and investing a loving and caring impact on to the subject. This is also a good time to get involved in anything to do with conservation or things within the community particularly if they are voluntary. You really do have the capacity to create a social harmony with the people that you are involved with and you are able to bring that into everyone else's life as well as your own. As long as you're feeling connected with what you are doing, your emotional interaction and aspirations will help make things happen in very big ways, particularly if it's got some traditional value and the roots are setting themselves within the community or even within your family.

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I love the reading Cassie gives me all the time. Cassie is so accurate.

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The reading was so spot on it was scary. I love her energy, I will continue to call Rose.

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Tamryn is a very competent, cheerful and confident reader who lives in the moment relaying the situation as it is, albeit with the help of the tarot. The expression of the reading is from her deep intuitive soul & the cards are only there 2give the basic shape 2what is being said.Ty u once more, Cha

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I LOVE Moonstone! I feel completely safe in her hands and her readings calm me down and help me to focus with more clarity and peace. My favourite xxx

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I had questions and she answered them all clearly. First time having a reading and feeling every question had been answered adequately. She is very good.

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