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The Magician and The Ten of Cups

You have chosen the Magician and the Ten of Cups. The Ten of Cups is a wonderful card. It's one of the most positive cards in the pack. It shows that happiness around is at a blissful time. This cosy feeling: dreaming of a successful relationship really continues to lead on to more happiness for the Ten of Cups is about marriage, living together with somebody whom you see as having a strong relationship with. It deals with a large group of people, such as a family, is the fulfilment of happiness within the marriage or relationship. This is usually associated with children, having a nice home, and having nature and animals surrounding you in your blissful, cosy relationship so the Magician shows that you have created this for yourself. If you have not yet got yourself in a relationship, you're about to embark upon it for the Magician shows how your mind is working and how you think and view reality. It shows you get what you want from life and that you work hard for the Magician works with the Planet Mercury, which dictates how your mind is working. It's about how you think and view reality, how you speak and communicate. It shows that through your speech - you are able to achieve with the willpower and the determination and the confidence to manifest what you want for yourself. You're currently achieving all your goals, particularly when it comes to your emotional satisfaction within your life and you realise that relationships are indeed hard work. They need to be worked at. Communication is the key factor, using your mind and putting your feelings into words, clearing the air with other people and launching your ideas, constantly feeling that you are stimulating the relationship. The excitement that you feel is always to do with the stimulation between the two of you. You are able to articulate and communicate and work together keeping things light hearted but mixing and mingling with people who are like minded and vibrating on the same frequency and wavelength as you are. This is what will make your relationship exciting, happy and cosy for you don't take anything for granted. You realise you must work hard in order to keep something that is truly special

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Sue D

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I am a natural born Psychic medium and Clairvoyant, I am an honest,empathic and a trustworthy reader, I specialize in connecting to my spirit guide which enables me to pass on messages of information ...

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Gaynor Marie

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Ameel by LianneRated: 5 

This reading from Ameel totally put my mind at rest. Got a certain date specified to look forward too. Feeling so much more confidant now brilliant reading thank you Ameel.

Diana by AnonRated: 5 

Spot on, with very clear and concise information about my work situation and POI. Highly recommend a reading with Diana.

Destiny Doctor by JelenaRated: 5 

Anna is a truly an incredible reader. She connected me with the loved person after being out of touch for some time. I thought this would not happen. Her predictions do come to pass. Anna is an extremely wise lady and a truly lovely person. If you need advise, you must contact Anna.

Tracy P by LRated: 5 

Best Reader on the site. Very insightful,honest truly gifted.

Justin by AngelRated: 5 

Justin this is Yasmin just wanted to say a massive thank you for the barrel of laughs in this reading about (I) i will definitely contact you back in the next month LNL

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