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The Magician and The Four of Swords

You have chosen the Magician and the Four of Swords. The Magician is the card that shows you how your mind is working. It's how you think and view reality. It deals with the speech and communication within our world. This is ruled by the Planet Mercury and Mercury is telling you that you have the ability to achieve and form the manifestations of your goals. It's about the willpower to keep going providing you have the stimulation. You've got to put your strength in reserve - before you start your plans. This is the time for a period of rest- for you to think about what you're going to do next. It's time to do nothing, to actually enjoy yourself and to let your thoughts come and go. It's a time to be alone and to recover from whatever has been happening for it's time out for you - you need to go into exile even though you may be feeling lonely you will be happier with your own company right now. You need the solitude and isolation where you've got time to think. No action is required right now - you need to recover. It's a retreat and time out for you so that you can build up your energy and manifest your goals when you are ready. Your mind needs to move inward in order to explore the hidden depths of your unconscious. Make sure that you're not fooling yourself by believing only what you want to believe for this leads to confusion and self deception. This is about forms of language other than just verbal - for verbal language is only one dimension. You can share your thoughts and feelings by the artistic forms that are able to speak to us. This could be with art, music, reading, viewing or listening but this is where you need to be right now in a personal space where you are influenced by your own thoughts and your feelings and your views on reality - where you are stimulated by the pleasant things in life that are natural to a healing process that needs to take place. Maybe you've been overdoing it recently so it's time to really think and plan where you're going next instead of just going through a minefield of muddles, mistakes or misunderstandings.

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I am a natural Clairvoyant, having had spontaneous images of future events from age 5. I also undertook extensive training 30 years ago to harness these abilities. I have been a successful reader and ...

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I’m an intuitive visionary, healer and a truth seeker who’s been reading professionally for 25 years on psychic hotlines, expos, markets and festivals in my gorgeous Gypsy wagon “Poppy.” We are in the...

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Annie S

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I am a compassionate and non judgemental reader utilising the Lenormand, Kipper and Oracle cards to offer guidance of clarity and positivity. I have been helping people for many years with my gift, an...

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Greetings and blessings. I am Ella and I’m here to read the Tarot with you and connect with Spirit. For most of my life I have studied and worked with tarot, astrology and the runes, worked with spiri...

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Marcelle by SharonRated: 5 

Outstanding! Marcelle went straight into the reading with no prompting, described the POI and even quoted his actual birthday! Blown away is an under estimate! Thank you Marcelle x blessings.

Sue D by Silvermare Rated: 5 

Brilliant validations, quickly linked in left me speechless with all that she said WoW lovely lady, Highly recommend.

Natalia by VikramRated: 5 

Truly gifted and knows what she is talking about . Would highly recommend. Thank you Natalia xx

Gemma Clair by Emily Rated: 5 

I've had 2 readings from Gemma now and I find them such a comfort and I feel she really tunes into my situation and accurately describes it and what's to come. See for yourself, you won't be disappointed x

Jane O'Hara by AnonRated: 5 

Thank you for yet another unique Jane style read. Sorry we got cut off. 20 minutes flies with all the laughter :) Speak soon. Dannyboy x

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