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The Lovers and The Six of Wands

You have chosen the Lovers and the 6 of Wands.The Lovers is a card that deals with communication and physical attraction, the choices that may be made in a relationship. Sometimes there's a third party involved which is usually the obstacle within a relationship. A third party I said, not a third person. In this case it is to do with your victory at work or within your career. You're doing so well and travelling and continuing to succeed in what you're doing, you've achieved multiple successes. Good news is on the way to you if you've applied for a post of application and promotion is certainly set for you to achieve. You're travelling up and up and up the ladders of success but maybe this is having a slight effect upon your relationship. You must both communicate and you'll get by for a problem talked about is understood between the two parties. As long as the person is made to feel that they are involved there should be no problem and as long as you stick to what you said you are going to do, again there'll be no problem. It is a lack of communication that causes the problem here for you are a person who tries to travel two roads at once which can't be travelled at once of course. You are restless and inquisitive and reluctant to be identified exclusively with one directional viewpoint. You are so keen for new stimulus, you hate anything that traps you by obligation which curtails your freedom to explore and exchange ideas. No path, no matter how noble is likely to fulfil you because you wear so many hats and play so many different parts. You are capable of deep love and devotion to another person but it must involve a relationship of minds, hearts, bodies and loyalty so express yourself in a restless way or your feelings, ideas and physical energies flow unpredictably. It can sometimes be difficult for you to make a stand because so many points of view seem so interesting and valid. Travel and higher education are important to you. You have many multiple talents and your life force is working through a wonderful variety of experience and viewpoint

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Anya by AOZRated: 5 

Such a kind gentle soul. Amazing accuracy, with precise analysis of situations. Such a calming and relaxing presence with care kindness and love. Thank you for your guidance and advice . Will always remember.

Faith Bird by CRated: 5 

I’ve been speaking to Faith often recently and every single time she is so spot on. Her predictions descriptions and timing are so accurate. Thank you so much xxx

Phoenicia by GracefulmoonRated: 5 

Phoenicia is an incredibly gifted reader.

Cathy by sophiawl7Rated: 5 

Cathy is a great reader I don’t have enough credits to finish the reading hopefully next time we can finish.

Faith Bird by NicolaRated: 5 

Hi Faith, sorry we got cut off. It’s been awhile and I have really missed you! Your the best, thank you for the most wonderful reading Hope to catch you soon big hugs lots of love Nicola xxx

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