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The Lovers and The Knight Ace of Wands

You have chosen the Lovers and the Knight of Wands.The Lovers is a card of communication and physical attraction. It is the choices to be made within a relationship. Usually there's an obstacle in the way of a relationship. All relationships go through this for the Lovers can also be a card of temptation. You are someone who is a person of action and you are always looking for tangible adventure for you enjoy the comings and goings of being on the outdoors. You are someone that moves around with enthusiasm and you love to travel. You're physically creative and you should do well within your career for you are indeed physically creative and use a skill and a talent that most people don't have, but there is a gap in your wisdom. You are always on the move and the Knight of Wands tells us that you may be moving and relocating. This is a very big important travel card, and adventure is always on your side, possibly this is the resentment, the obstacle within the relationship for always being on an adventure and on the move, can be unsettling but you are someone who likes enterprise and you're always doing things. The person you're with needs to feel that you're involving them and may they're not able to keep up with you for you must admit that you are spontaneous and quick. You may be ready for change but have you communicated this thoroughly with your partner. If the answer is no, why not? Communication is the key for everything. The longer we have been with someone the more we can take them for granted. Relationships are real, hard work and you must really remember that in order to have a good relationship you must work extremely hard and put an investment emotionally, physically and spiritually constantly into a relationship and never, ever take it for granted but just because you've been together than person should know, understand or support each other. It is important that you communicate and feel that you're both following the same path at the same time. If there is a problem, by discussing it you will both be able to clear the air and fully understand whether or not you can follow the same path together or whether you must go your separate ways.

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James1976 by PaulineRated: 5 

Lovely reading. Very positive and uplifting. Thank you!

Jasmine by JosieRated: 5 

Thank you very much Jasmine. What a lovely person! If you need answers to the situation your in or feeling stuck, than you will be doing yourself allot of good to call this lady. I always feel much better after her reading as she is able to see and explain to me the core of the problem xx

Fiona S by DorothyRated: 5 

Thank you Fiona for your prompt email reply. It is very helpful. I would like to talk with you. I hope I can find you again!

Laura Rose by AnonRated: 5 

Lovely reading with Laura - she understood my dilemma and helped me to understand my position in my present relationship. Thank you x

Ameel by Samantha Rated: 5 

I was so happy with my email reading, Ameel is such a lovely man. He went over and above with his detail, and also explained my situation in a way I’ve never considered. I took so much away from his advice, it’s made me see things very differently. Will defo be calling Ameel soon for a chat. Thanks!

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