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The High Priestess and The Queen of Wands

You have chosen the High Priestess and Queen of Wands. The High Priestess works in conjunction with the moon. This means that your mood and your emotions are going through some rapid, important changes. Your emotional outlook is changing. There are things yet to be revealed to you for this is a card of the future. It is indeed a time of looking at what you have done and being satisfied that you accept the past and the present so the future is coming your way. You are someone who is loving and kind and people trust you. You're very outgoing and very adventurous - you like to be on the move all the time and you're particularly good at being very active, particularly with outdoors so anything to do with outdoors whether physical sports or talents such as gardening or your creative or working life that is spent outdoors, would be extremely beneficial for you. You're on the move all the time and you are enterprising with everything and indeed mostly everyone. This also includes this wonderful talent you have with nature, particularly animals. You are someone who is physically active and people trust you for your intuition and your common sense and practical approach to the things that you do. You have a terrific personality and you're very good at exploring your creative talents. Your confidence has been given a boost especially at the moment. People really enjoy your company - you're very entertaining. People feel that they can come to you for some helpful and valuable advice but you must also listen very carefully to those around who can inspire you with their integrity for they will be able to answer a lot of your questions particularly when it comes to a female who you have looked up and called upon for their help and guidance in the past. You are inclined to express your feelings dramatically and with great intensity. You are inclined to be a little bit touchy particularly when it comes to your self image for you love being the centre of attention. You can be very resentful and become slightly depressed in every day life if it lacks the inspiration and the chance for you to be curious. You're always in need of constant stimulation.

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Debbie by JelenaRated: 5 

Debbie is an absolutely wonderful person and an amazing reader! I can confirm that the next stage of predictions has just happened within the timescale Debbie gave me. I stick to what Debbie recommends, stay positive and it all comes true! If you feel lost or confused, you need to call this reader!

Ella by JelenaRated: 5 

Ella is an amazing reader. She is guiding me through a very difficult personal situation and her guidance as well as predictions have been spot on! All come to pass! Thank you very much!

Shelly by AnonRated: 5 

Superb!!! Validation after validation with things Shelly couldn’t possibly know!! L&L ‘the Baffoon lol’ xxx

James1976 by NoreenRated: 5 

Great reading with James. Very accurate and very quick to tune in. Would highly recommend. Will be back. Thanks

Julie by LARated: 5 

Mr. sent a friendship post the same day. I ignored it. The other guy did show up. You were also correct about his age. The date went as you stated it would which was different for us but nicer. He wants to go out again as you stated. Both situations are playing out as you called it.

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