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The Hierophant and The King of Cups

You have chosen the Hierophant and the king of Cups.You are someone who has to conform possibly because you're a teacher or an upright member of the community. There is a religious feel around you as if you have to be moralistic and go by the book of morals and ethics. This is a time of contracts for the keys of life are yours. However you feel a little bit of a hypocrite, for you feel that you are restricted because you have to conform to what others think you should be. You're someone who has feelings and you're loving and caring and deeply compassionate and sensitive. People trust you but you're very in touch with your emotional side and you're mature beyond your years and you are feeling a sense of this creative sensual harmony and the joy of life that's going on around you. You're very peace loving and you're overwhelmed by these power passions and emotions that are stirring inside you. Do not under estimate them for they have taken you by surprise. You're someone who is practical and matter of fact and you've got your feet firmly on the ground so you are a good person. You're allowed a little bit of fun and you're allowed to have a private life, so stop worrying, enjoy life, be practical at work, but that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to have some fun. You're feeing spiritual and much more enlightened by things. You've been dissatisfied with life, now you've found something. You're so caught up in the traditional actions and attitudes that your failing to see that life is also about having fun and enjoying the simple pleasures of being a human being and experiencing joy, caring and nurturing. Stop feeling so restricted and under contract by everyone and every thing. You are indeed a human being and you deserve to love and be loved. This is a joyful time and if you have found something or someone to care for, enjoy doing so, for the experience of being cared for and to be loved is wonderful.

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Sue D

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William by SacredCharlie2100Rated: 5 

Hi William - Thank you kindly for your reading, a good connection, much appreciated. Please enjoy your day - Charlie.

Mary Maria by MariaRated: 5 

Thanks Mary Maria that was an incredible reading and exactly what I needed to hear. Lots of love, Maria

Ozy by Cristina Rated: 5 

Amazing reading, very impressed as it was so specific and picked up on so much without sharing details. Great guidance and information, thank you so much! I’ll be back for another reading :)

Suzanne by User46132Rated: 5 

Excellent reader and picks up very well my work situation. Suzanne is a gentle soul with a brilliant gift. Everybody should have a reading with her.

Ray by SGRated: 5 

29/1/23 - This is now my second review. ay said my POI would be in my bed this weekend. I didn't believe it would happen so I brushed it off. Well it DID happen! Ray you deserve everyone to know how SPOT on you are!! THE BEST!

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