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The Fool and The Nine of Wands

You have chosen the fool and the nine of wands. The fool shows that you're starting something new there's new beginning around you. These new beginning are associated with confusion for the fool works with the planet Uranus which means that you're inexperienced on this matter however this confusion will lead to the start of something very new. When it comes to matters of action work or career you're trying to defend yourself without success things are becoming a problem you're doing far too much. You're physically shattered you're worn out but you're very, very stubborn you're fighting a losing battle and you will not give in. It is time to surrender stop trying to protect what you feel is yours. You're seeing this as a time to be hardworking however this is going too far, it will lead to you being physically ill, you're trying to hang on and protect what's already got out of hand you're exhausted, battered and bruised but you still try to battle on. Sometimes you have to realize that it's time to give up and the fool is telling you that there's plenty of new beginnings to do with matters of action work and your career you're being asked to look at what is necessary to leave behind. Begin with the new for there is a lot of experience behind you and you are able to put things right. These revolutionary things that are coming into your world are for the better and you're someone that's extremely experienced and hardworking but you're no good to anyone right now. You're physically exhausted and absolutely hell-bent on getting this absolutely as you want it. Sometimes we have to realize that we cannot change things and it's best to just leave it and walk away and go off and do something where we can make a difference.

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