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The Fool and The Nine of Swords

You have chosen the fool and the nine of swords. The fool is a card of confusion, for it means new beginnings are starting in your world; things won't be the same again, for revolutionary changes are on their way to you. Now, before this happens, you really need to look at the way in which you lead your life, for you're somewhat of a worrier to say the least -you're always experiencing mental anguish and you worry about everyone and everything. In fact, you're always tired, but you don't sleep very well. You fear the results of everything, a slight paranoia about other people and the way in which they lead their life is something that you must look at. You really need to look at the way in which humans bring things together and make things happen in the world, and be responsible for your own actions and stop worrying about everybody else, and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks of you. Start creating something that is complex in its structure. Now, that can be something to do with a house, a business or a friendship -some sort of composition, even if it's only a hobby. You must have an idea of what you'd like to do, and what the finished product would be like in your mind. Without it, you are lost, for you need to be conscious and aware of the source of your actions along your journey. Now that means that you must have a concept of how everything's going to fit together and come out for you, so that you can fit the components together, and realise that all the different tasks and functions need to come together by an overall concept. Without it, you are feeling bored, unhappy, and fearful of what's happening, which is why you get caught up in other people's problems. It's time for you to make some changes and realise that it is a useless emotion to worry or feel guilty, try to feel involved with your own life, and not worry about other people. Be responsible for your own actions, and make sure that you're not bored. By being bored, you cause yourself to let your mind run away with you into things that have not yet happened or may not happen. The fool is telling you that you can start again, and yes, it will be different, it will be difficult sometimes. Old habits can be difficult to clear and start again. But it will be fun, but you will feel exhilarated by the changes and the challenges and the skills that you'll develop by negotiating the obstacles that will come your way. But without any formula or any solid plan of where you want to be, you'll continue to feel that you're out of control.

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