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The Fool and The Knight of Swords

You have chosen the fool and the knight of swords. You're someone who's quite shrewd, and you need a little bit more knowledge, for you're learning quite a bit along your way, but you've not quite got there yet. This is because you're a little bit impetuous, and a little unpredictable, you get very bored very easily, like a child with a new toy. You need a bit more knowledge, for you're always going backwards and forwards like a yoyo. This is because your thinking is scattered, and with you everything is quick and hurried. You're always in need of constant stimulation, for the swords deal with the mind, and the thought process, but the fool indicates that this is a time of fresh beginnings, and you're going to step into the unknown. Things are starting out for you, anything from relationships to career. It's about a complete change of direction, and you have to look at the challenges that are coming your way. You've got to learn to take things a little bit more in your stride, you'll reveal that you've got more skills than you thought possible, but you've really got to plan and have a strategy of what to do next. Try to use your intuition to guide you -that's the gut feeling you get inside of you that makes you think twice, for your always plunging into a new situation, without any thought of what's going to happen next. You're easily swept off your feet, you need to learn to work out exactly what it is you want to achieve, that way then you can out your energy in the right direction. Your mind works overtime; you're constantly rushing from one thing to the next. You're a jack of all trades, but it's time to master one of them. This is all to do with the change and disruption that's going on, and there are lots of changes coming your way. Some of it will be last minute surprises, and of course you'll change your mind as always, right at the last minute. Try to be as adaptable as you can, you're just a bit too keen to alter everything, whether it's necessary or not. Unpredictable, that's you. But that's because you need to be noticed, and you love attracting attention, you just want to be seen as being different, but this is the start of something new, and you need to train your mind to quieten down a little bit, and to stick with something until you see it through. For things won't be the same again, this is the start of you learning, for the fool is ruled by the planet Uranus, and that deals with the way in which we make things happen. We have to have an idea of the finished product in mind, and then with our thought and logic and inspiration, we are able to act. You must work out how the individual components fit together, so that the entire concept in your mind is held, before you respond.

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