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The Empress and The Two of Cups

You have chosen the Empress and the Two of Cups. The Empress is a card that works in conjunction with the Planet Venus. This is about the value of the possessions and the love and the romance that goes on in our world. It's the feminine side of everyone, the mother figure, the looking after and taking care of. This surrounds you with health, wealth and abundance. It shows that everything's energising and growing in a very healthy fashion. It's time to look after yourself. This is a security card and it's all about enjoying life with love and laughter. There's plenty of fertility involved in this for Venus is a planet of growth and harmony. The Two of Cups signifies for you, the Empress, that you are indeed in a loving, caring relationship and if you've not found the right partner you are soon about to for the Two of Cups signifies a very happy relationship where the caring and nurturing is going on between a couple. There's a togetherness in this relationship, a truly loving relationship, soul mates, holding hands and adoring each other, that is what this is all about. Venus is all about femininity, love and beauty. It's the love and affection that is going on around you right now. If you've already go your partner, your relationship will really go from strength to strength, it's time for love, joy, laughter and companionship. It's quite an enterprising time for you where you've got to satisfy yourself with beautiful people, places and possessions. All these things you must nurture for they mean a lot to you right now. It may even be time to look at your image and to make the most of what you've got when it comes to how you look. It can even be to do with your home and how you want that to look for Venus is all about reflecting our personality within our possessions or our self. If this a very good time for it indicates happiness, joy, harmony, companionship, satisfaction and rewarding experiences. It's all about your own personal value and how you express that which is quite profound in different people and it's a reflection of who you really are as an individual. It's the details that you've now chosen to show other people such as your choice of your home or even your hairstyle or your image. It's a sense of something that you feel is important to you that is satisfying and beautiful and worthwhile.

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I am a Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium. I first became aware of my pyschic abilities when I was 4 years old. I didn’t know they were psychic abilities then, I just knew I had a benevolent figure watching ...

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I use my uncanny intuition (a gift since age 8), astrology and tarot cards to tune into peoples' multi-challenges. Need guidance with finding your soul mate, money matters or work woes? As an empath, ...

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I have been reading people and pets for over 35 years. My television appearances include healing with crystals, the coming year predictions and pet readings to name a few. I am naturally clairvoyant a...

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I’ve been helping people for many years giving guidance and answers to questions they need answering, I’ve been a Tarot reader for many years and totally enjoy the work I do, please feel free to give ...

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I am a natural Clairvoyant, having had spontaneous images of future events from age 5. I also undertook extensive training 30 years ago to harness these abilities. I have been a successful reader and ...

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Janette by LDBRated: 5 

Janette, You were amazing and just what I needed. You somehow validated EVERYTHING that has been going on and I feel that your insight is going to make all of the difference. I know how to handle everything now and you have given me such peace. Thank you so much!

Val by NicolaRated: 5 

Brilliant reading so much information without questions gave me names of family members really clear information about the situation around me and what I gave to look forward to in the future one of the best reading I’ve had lovely down to earth lady who delivers a lot in her reading.

Jasmine by EricRated: 5 

Was an excellent talk and hope all is coming true in future.

Lady Lillith by LindaRated: 5 

I’ve had a number of readings with Lady Lillith. She's direct, straight to the point in a nice way. You can ask her any question she will give you what she getting from her guides. Nothing to much trouble. Predictions do come through with in time just be patient. Ring her you won’t be disappointed.

Michael Ryan by JosieRated: 5 

What can I say, just fantastic. He knew about my situation and was able to tell me all I needed to know without questions. Will definitely call him again. Thank you!

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