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The Empress and The Three of Pentacles

You have chosen the Empress and the Three of Pentacles. The Three of Pentacles shows that you are in a position of employment in a small working environment. It is not a position of being self-employed. Perhaps you've had to start at the bottom and work upwards for there is definite skill and training involved here. You are meeting and working with lots of people, possibly within a school, university or hospital environment. This requires your cooperation and the learning of new skills towards an elevated position for promotion for the Empress shows that you are valuing yourself and the things you care about, the love the romance within your life and the emphasis upon the material success you're making. You are learning to value your possessions and yourself. For the Empress is the mother figure looking after everyone. It is a secure card. It is a time to look after your security, your material success and those things and people that you love and care about and you're doing well within your work environment. This will lead to more and more progress. The more you care, the more you are noticed. The Empress is also asking you to work in conjunction with yourself for it is the humble things such as the image you portray to other people and the value you put upon yourself that means you can work closely with others. After all if you care about yourself, you will care about others. You are at a stage in your life where you are more diligent, dutiful and capable. You have your feet firmly on the ground and you're ambitious with attitude that will give you success. You have a common sense, down to earth approach, very practical indeed and there is a new awareness awakening in you that will mean that your environment and the space around you is also a reflection of who you feel you are. You will have an appreciation of open space, a new interest in life that is very humble and makes you feel fulfilled. It is not just material security that strengthens your character but your caring nature and your willingness to be at east with the environment, the people, and the person that you are.

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Debbie by JelenaRated: 5 

Debbie is an absolutely wonderful person and an amazing reader! I can confirm that the next stage of predictions has just happened within the timescale Debbie gave me. I stick to what Debbie recommends, stay positive and it all comes true! If you feel lost or confused, you need to call this reader!

Ella by JelenaRated: 5 

Ella is an amazing reader. She is guiding me through a very difficult personal situation and her guidance as well as predictions have been spot on! All come to pass! Thank you very much!

Shelly by AnonRated: 5 

Superb!!! Validation after validation with things Shelly couldn’t possibly know!! L&L ‘the Baffoon lol’ xxx

James1976 by NoreenRated: 5 

Great reading with James. Very accurate and very quick to tune in. Would highly recommend. Will be back. Thanks

Julie by LARated: 5 

Mr. sent a friendship post the same day. I ignored it. The other guy did show up. You were also correct about his age. The date went as you stated it would which was different for us but nicer. He wants to go out again as you stated. Both situations are playing out as you called it.

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