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The Chariot and The Queen of Wands

You have chosen the Chariot and Queen of Wands. This is a time for the comings and goings and things that happen on the ground particularly when it comes to do with matters to do with your career and creativity. The Chariot is linked with the star sign cancer which means there's a little bit of material home comfort necessary right now, and you're feeling a little bit more sensitive than normal but this is because your spiritual side is moving in a much more positive direction. This is a time of new contracts and directions. It is a card of transporting you from a to b. You are someone who is full of action and you love tangible adventure. You're quite an outdoor kind of person and travel appeals to you. You're enthusiastic and physically creative. You have a skill that is necessary for sports or creative skills which involve the outdoors. Anything to do with building, carpentry, gardening, sports or anything that your profession is linking to the outdoors and you physical, skilful creativity is wonderful for you. You're someone that needs to shine and you're loving, kind and trusting. You're very outgoing, adventure is for you. You need to be on the move all the time though and you're enterprising with everything. People trust you. You are someone who is definitely no lazy. Indeed quite the opposite. You try to do too much but that is because you enjoy yourself and you have faith in yourself and your abilities. You have the drive and energy needed to surmount any obstacle that comes in your way and you're deeply hard working, assertive when you need to be and you don't give up. The struggle to you is worthwhile. The rewards are along the way and there is more at the end even better. Even tricky times make you feel that you are learning things and that you're developing as a human being and personality which has given you a rich tapestry for life. The reward is that you like to shine and be recognised as special. You have the creative outlets where originality comes through. You love an audience to admire your hard work and appreciate all your efforts. You will always feel fulfilled wherever you feel that you are able to have your achievements recognised.

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Anya by AOZRated: 5 

Such a kind gentle soul. Amazing accuracy, with precise analysis of situations. Such a calming and relaxing presence with care kindness and love. Thank you for your guidance and advice . Will always remember.

Faith Bird by CRated: 5 

I’ve been speaking to Faith often recently and every single time she is so spot on. Her predictions descriptions and timing are so accurate. Thank you so much xxx

Phoenicia by GracefulmoonRated: 5 

Phoenicia is an incredibly gifted reader.

Cathy by sophiawl7Rated: 5 

Cathy is a great reader I don’t have enough credits to finish the reading hopefully next time we can finish.

Faith Bird by NicolaRated: 5 

Hi Faith, sorry we got cut off. It’s been awhile and I have really missed you! Your the best, thank you for the most wonderful reading Hope to catch you soon big hugs lots of love Nicola xxx

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