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The Chariot and The King of Pentacles

You have chosen the Chariot and the King of Pentacles. The Chariot is a card about the comings and goings. Things that happen on the ground. It's a time of new contracts and directions for you. Your spiritual side is moving in a much more positive direction right now and making you a little bit more sensitive to your home life. You are someone who is hard to get close to, for you have so much clutter going on around you. You hold a high position of security and wealth. You're doing very well. At the top of your field you're financially secure. You like working hard to make things materialise so that you can get more clutter. You like objects around you. This is a very good time for you. You have the Midas touch but you need to stop acquiring more and more clutter and junk for material objects are taking over. Perhaps you're always looking to provide yourself with the comforting atmosphere that surrounds you. Try to listen to your intuition on this one. It is not objects that make a home but your personality and the people and the atmosphere that you provide around it but perhaps you're trying to make some sort of permanent statement about the values and the stable structures that you've worked hard for. You don't like to feel that you're dependent on anyone: indeed, self sufficiency is your middle name. You like to make sure that people know that you've made your contribution towards your family and your business. You're quite traditional in your outlook and you need the importance of order and stability in life. Everything practical suits you down to the ground but you have a desperate need for this material and emotional security. You're trying to find somewhere to provide a base for yourself. Somewhere where in the knowledge you have a safe place to hide for you are quite vulnerable. Just like the rest of us. Even though you've got a surprising toughness and you're a true survivor and you've achieved so much you still have this soft inside that fears loneliness and rejection just like anyone else. If people only knew you are a little shy and you sometimes don't like to reveal your thoughts and emotions, even though you have a polished and sophisticated face to the world. You know where you're going. If you're feeling a little distrustful of what's going on around you, try to get rid of the clutter and see things clearly by providing the simplest of atmospheres, so that you feel that you can respond to exactly what is around you.

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Jill by CapricornAlexisRated: 5 

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for your spot on readings!!! Wish I could have stayed on much longer!!

Linda H by BRated: 5 

Thank you, Linda, for your patient & calm guidance over the last few months. You have been so helpful in keeping me calm. My situation with my POI has improved, as predicted. B xxx

Janette by Lesley 3Rated: 5 

Had 2 readings with this lovely lady, the first reading about something that was bothering me and she was spot on with her prediction, that's what I like! Thank you I will be back xx

Robert Lee by PavRated: 5 

Brilliant. Nothing more.

Sapphire by AnonRated: 5 

Wow, the real deal. Prediction happened just as she said it would, down to the day!

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