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Temperence and The Nine of Cups

You have chosen Temperance and the 9 of Cups. This is a good time for you. Anything you wish for is likely to be fulfilled. But this is on a deeply personal level. You're quite happy and content that things are going well, you are happy and healthy, but curious to know a little bit more. You need to be careful, because Temperance and the 9 of Cups shows there's too much excessive food and drink going on. But you've definitely got one foot firmly on land and so there's a nice balance going on with you. You're testing new waters and you're mixing and blending everything in moderation. Your social life is becoming successful, you're quite outgoing. There's some very important air travel coming into your life, to do with long distance over-seas. There's going to be some different relationships for you this year. A mixed cultural background. You're going to be experimenting with new creeds, cultures, and countries. This is a great time to go on holiday or exploring. If you're in a mixed relationship of different cultures it will be very successful. You're trying things out very gently and carefully. Everything is in moderation with you. This is why it will be successful, because your spirit for adventure and satisfaction gives you enough curiosity, to act with common sense. This is all about challenging your boundless enthusiasm and optimism. Go for it, because you'll be amazed at the amount of success you can achieve. If you're considering further education or studying another language, this is the time to do it. You're full of resourceful, responsible, and efficient ways, which enables you to control problems that may arise. You'll get a strong sense of satisfaction on the materialistic, emotional and spiritual side of life, no matter how things shape out.

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Amazing as usual love her.

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Excellent reader and very accurate.

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Thank you so much dear Jane for being with the wonderful Angela my spiritual guide helping me beyond words with your inspiring readings and our uplifting conversations. I feel energised, confident and positive just like catching up with a friend. Vive la Vie chere Amie !

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Thanks so much Kendra! My credits got over. The reading made me feel very calm, and reassured. Plus kendra was so on point and so quick with all the energies!! Would definitely recommend her.

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Brilliant! Wonderful person and so insightful.

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