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Strength and The Five of Swords

You have chosen Strength and the 5 of Swords. The 5 of swords shows there is arguments and people who are not vibrating on the same frequency as you are. There is possibly bullying and people talking and gossiping about everybody else. This feels like a mock battlefield of mental abuse where one is feeling slightly on edge due to the unethical actions of those around you. It's time to be strong. You must face up to what is happening and realise that really this is a situation that is not tangible. By accepting these people are not in your best interest, you need to remove yourself from them and find people who are more like minded and in a better place for you right now. For you've moved on and you've left those behind. Whether or not they were friendships or relationships that you once needed to be around, you've now realised it's time to move on. It is sad sometimes to leave behind the people that we feel were important at one stage in our life, but you must now appreciate this is no longer useful, productive or viable. You need to get out and the Strength card is here to help you. It is no good being around negative people. You realise that you've had to maintain control of your very powerful emotions and you really are someone who does not want to lose it. You need to keep the lid on your emotions and deal with this, with dignity for you have charisma and these people are a little bit jealous of the way your life is shaping .They're not ready to move on with you which is why you're experiencing this unhappy time. You feel mentally drained by the energies of this behavior. It is time for you to take complete control of your inner and outer Strength and for your own well-being move away from these people. Get involved in something that links to who you are, and cherish who you are now for you have now found a very happy niche in life. You are dealing with yourself and enjoying life in a way that you haven't for some time. You're feeling a childlike quality surge into your life that's making you feel really happy. You're doing what you want to do and you're enjoying it. Now you need to learn to do it on your own and gently. Like-minded people will follow and enter into your world that are set to be the new set of friends that you can become involved with. People who are more like-minded and vibrating on the same frequency as you now are. There's no going back. This is truly wonderful. It's just a time to let go so that you can move on.

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Gigi by Drew Rated: 5 

An Absolute genuine reader! Gave me so much information without be told or led! Picked up on incredible things. Fingers, hearts, minds and everything else crossed on the big future prediction! Highly, highly recommend.

Ally Bee by KPRated: 5 

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Sue D by ADR1600Rated: 5 

She connected with my situation well. I hope her prediction comes to pass.

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I would recommend Les, quick with his information and accurate. Really good reading and I will come back for another reading.

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She’s just a fairy godmother lol her predictions gives me chills. She predicted not one not 2 but 4 people that I was going to meet within 2 weeks time and I’ve met the exact same description people already 3 of them .. waiting on the 4th one. She described them to the T including one celebrity one.

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