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Justice and The Three of Cups

You have chosen Justice and the 3 of Cups. This is a time of great celebration and joy. There is intimacy between you. This is to do with close friends and family celebrating. It could be that there's a toast, a birth, an engagement, a wedding or a christening but no doubt there is some celebration. Perhaps this is a reunion or the passing of exams, even of a driving test. It means that there is much joy around you. Whatever question you have asked the answer is yes, this will work and you will be celebrating your success. This is a question of hope and joy and the justice card tells us that you relationships and partnerships are absolutely at their maximum potential. This is a time of being equal, civil, kind and receiving exactly what you give out. you're being asked to look at what is reasonable and impartial. Everything that effects you will be dealt with fairly and rationally and with your best interests at heart especially when it comes to relationships or partnerships because it shows that everyone is dealing with you in an honest and honourable manner, this is a card that governs relationships and permanent partnerships. It is ruled by the planet Libra which means that everything around you needs harmony and balance. You'll be mixing with like minded people and everything will go well when it comes to matters of love or professional partnerships. You would make an excellent diplomat and a peace maker in both your personal and professional life because you have a willingness to harmonise, rather than antagonise. You are able to make small compromises for the sake of a long term plan. You have a great ability to have ideals and principles and you react with a courteous and refined manner. You'll probably do your utmost to avoid conflict in any situation. You are fair and just and you are extremely good at looking after others and being truly helpful. To you life is perfection. You take great care over your appearance and like the nice things in life. For you, your demand is quality and perfectionism in all things.

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Starlinda by MelRated: 5 

This lady is an amazing reader! I have had a couple of readings with her and she is always on point. She gets straight into the situation with no questions, she gives lots of detail and doesn’t sugar coat! Her predictions do happen!! A truly lovely caring lady that I will definitely read with again.

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Les is a very clear to the point reader. He explains through the cards what is coming with lots of detail. I look forward to seeing what the future brings and his predictions coming to fruition. A great reader will definitely speak to again. I recommend a reading with Les you won’t be disappointed!

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Thank you, really helpful reading. Gave me clarity about a situation.

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Thank you for the lovely reading. I have a lot to look forward to.

Starlinda by AFRated: 5 

Star Linda is simply brilliant amazingly accurate. Great to talk to, flows with information and totally gifted & confident. Please give her a call she’s amazing. Thank you. Anne xx

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