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Judgement and The King of Swords

You have chosen Judgement and the King of Swords. The Judgement card is a crossroads. It's of life's choices and decisions. There's a new generation where you are using your collective power to bring about a change of attitude that is irreversible. So there are big, important decisions to make. These changes will be based on the past for your future. It's towards a much better lifestyle. It's about the experience and knowledge that you've brought about through living your life. It's time to re-value and look back at what you've done with the satisfaction of knowing that you may have suffered and struggled but that you did the best that you can. This is a wakey wakey card and it's telling you to go on - go and do your own thing at last. It's a wake up call telling you to stop being too serious with life and to enjoy all the things that you want to do. You are someone that has probably dedicated most of your life to your career and some would say, possibly, that you lack emotion. But you're a good leader and very focussed. You're very strong willed and you've worked extremely hard. You have made it through matters or the mind you have worked hard, quick, hurried and always stimulating yourself with work. In fact you've done so well that you're probably at the top of your career right now or well on your way to doing so but it's time to realise that a sense of fun must come into play with balance and harmony of your life and that this is a total transformation. These changes must be brought about. This can be to do with your image, identity and the way in which you lead your life. You now realise that the past is out of date and that this complex and complete change is really necessary. If you're honest you know this has been on the cards for some time so you're being offered a chance to make these changes and d not stand in the way of the progress that's coming your way. You need to be as enterprising as possible and look at this as a new chapter of life where you can go on with the satisfaction of knowing that you're happy to move forwards. All change is difficult but it is realising that we cannot cling to the past for a new chapter of life must go on and we have to tear down the old and the stagnant so that we're free to build from anew.

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