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Judgement and The Ace of Pentacles

You have chosen Judgement and the Ace of Pentacles. This is a time for you to make some choices and decisions. You're at a crossroads. The big important decisions that you are about to make are based on the past. It's for your future and towards and much better lifestyle. Combined with the Ace of Pentacles, this explains to you there is a new financial opportunity for the Ace of Pentacles tells you that it is lucky and this symbolises the wealth that you've been looking for. Now the Ace of Pentacles is about golden opportunities and a card of wealth. It represents money and your status. In fact, anything to do with material security so you have now got to take the initiative to investigate new ways of making your money work for you. It's about the security and comfort and your material well being so it's time to look for opportunities and invest in them knowing this is going to affect everything. It's now time for you to have a little bit of good luck for the experience and knowledge that you've brought about is asking you to revalue and look back at what you've done. It's about time that you started to make things happen for the Judgement card is like the wings of flight and signifies anything to do with business working extremely well. The Judgement card works in close conjunction with the planet Pluto. Now this tells us that there is a collective power about to bring a massive change of attitude that is going to be irreversible. In simple terms, things will not be the same again. They'll be much better, particularly in this case with your finances. Yes, there are lots of complex changes on the way to you and this total transformation they make you feel a little out of sorts but you are being given the chance to change things so it's all about hard work and renewing your effort and looking for anything where you can make an investment. You're being asked to look back at the past and consider everything that didn't quite work out. To look at the goods and the bads, but now with satisfaction that this chapter is over and that you did the best you could. What's needed now is a practical frame of mind where you are able to view life from a very sensible viewpoint. By keeping your feet firmly on the ground you can sort out the path to your success so that you don't repeat the same mistakes.

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Robert Lee by Sweetdiamond70Rated: 5 

Picked up on our situation. I even thought about a trip that without mentioning it, you picked up on us going. Thanks. Will update you on how this goes.

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A superb reader. I’m just waiting for his predictions to unfold. I have every faith in him.

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I’m very happy with my reading from Kellie. She made some good predictions and excellent psychic counselling. I recommend her to anyone who wants a honest reading. She is very psychic and is one of the best on ATA

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Omg, Daniel is definitely the guy that will give you clarity and guidance without any coaching or information. You don’t have to ask any questions because his connection to spirit guides allow the information to flow naturally. All you need to do is listen and confirm that he’s on the right track.

James1976 by StaceyRated: 5 

James you are an amazing reader and person. It's been a year since I last had a reading with you. You are always spot on. Thank you.

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