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PIN: 600310

I perform Tarot and astrological transit readings and mediumship channelling. As a clairvoyant, intuitive advisor, I provide detailed, insightful read...

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Jay E

PIN: 600927

I am a third generation psychic, with a natural connection to spirit. At the age of 13 years, I started realizing I see things differently and by age ...

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PIN: 600301

I have around 30 decks included Tarot, Oracle, Angel cards, Romance cards, Psycards and Lenormand so something for every occasion! With 15 years exper...

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PIN: 600939

Are you looking for help with love and relationships? As a natural born clairsentient clairvoyant I can clearly read others feelings and intentions. I...

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Luna Insights

PIN: 602010

I am an intuitive Tarot reader, psychic and astrologer who specialises in love and relationship readings - that can be a current or potential partner ...

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PIN: 602026

I have always been connected to the esoteric realm. I am sensitive to energies and my energy draws in and has a strong effect on others. I have a deep...

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Chloe Saskia

PIN: 600821

After I had a spiritual awakening I decided Tarot and Oracle cards were certainly for me. I enjoy helping others; I’m a natural born gifted individual...

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Lottie B

PIN: 600338

I am an energetic healer, spirit coach and Tarot reader. I tapped in to my gifts early in childhood and have been using them ever since to help people...

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Ocean Empress

PIN: 600778

I have been doing readings on regular clients for over 8 years. I can offer 1 card readings and one question readings with 3 cards, yes or no answers ...

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Test Profile

PIN: 900002

This is a test profile, do not call, email or instant message this reader. I am here in order to test our services!...

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Storm Foxx

PIN: 600825

I read Tarot cards and Oracle cards; I also have Spirit guides and can connect through into any energy. I have 5 plus years experience doing Tarot car...

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PIN: 500544

I have been reading people and pets for over 35 years. My television appearances include healing with crystals, the coming year predictions and pet re...

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PIN: 600380

I was born with gifts and have known of them my whole life but in more recent years have been able to decipher what they mean. I can offer Tarot readi...

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Heather E

PIN: 602031

I specialize in Tarot and use Tarot cards to gain insight into your current and/or future situation and energies coming in. Through Tarot I help provi...