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PIN: 600956

I am a Psychic and spiritual healer, I also connect with my guides to help you overcome obstacles you may be facing right now. You may be wondering, i...

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PIN: 600968

Are you struggling with a dilemma or confused about a person or situation? Then let me help shed some light on it for you and offer some clarity. I ha...

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My Soulwave

PIN: 600107

~Intuitive Medium~ I have an amazing connection with my team of Spirit Guides and am able to connect with yours to help you with anything you may need...

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PIN: 600227

I've been reading Tarot and Oracle cards for 19 years. I love that I can help give insight, guidance and clarity to navigate through life's challenges...

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Julia Starr

PIN: 600214

I have been working professionally as a Tarot and card reader for over a decade. Prior to that I read for myself, friends and family. I specialise in ...

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Michelle K

PIN: 600087

I'm a natural born clairvoyant, angel reader and medium, I've been reading professionally for 10 years I specialise in email and IM readings and the t...

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Test Profile

PIN: 900002

This is a test profile, do not call, email or instant message this reader. I am here in order to test our services!...

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Angelina S

PIN: 600853

I am a reiki master, animal communicator and medium. I specialise in healing, Tarot and mediumship. I love connecting with clients and shining a light...

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Jay E

PIN: 600927

I am a third generation psychic, with a natural connection to spirit. At the age of 13 years, I started realizing I see things differently and by age ...

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PIN: 602043

I have seen people who have passed over since I was 10 but my parents were very religions and told me stop talking silly. I didn’t start to engage in ...

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Jasper Stone

PIN: 500360

I specialize in my own Tarot spread based off of the Celtic Cross reading. I incorporate messages of love, encouragement, and guidance via Angel and O...

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Jade Green

PIN: 602041

I have been reading Tarot for 18 years. I am a trained psychic medium and use a variety of divination methods including Oracle cards, Tarot, crystal r...