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The zodiac is split into 12 astrological signs and each one is associated with a particular constellation. As we all know, each sign has different strengths and weaknesses and certain angels can help balance that out. So how can the angels help you?


Many people think that Pisces is the most psychic and empathic sign. Positive Pisces attributes include artistry and compassion but, their negative attributes include being too idealistic and escapist. Pisceans should ask the archangels Asariel and Zadkiel to let you empathise with others without overly investing emotionally.


The positive aspects of Aquarius include intellect and humanitarianism, while the negative aspects include being stubborn and dogmatic. Aquarians should ask Archangels Uriel and Cassiel to help them become more flexible towards others.


Capricorns positive attributes include responsibility and commonsense, while their negative attributes include pessimism and negativity. Capricorns should ask Archangel Azrael to enable them to help others, without making a rod for their own back.


The positive aspects of this sign are optimism and the ability to rise to a challenge, however the negative aspects are they can exaggerate and like to take massive risks which don’t always pay off. Sagittarians would do well to call upon Angel Zadkiel, to help them stay grounded.


This sign has the ability to look beyond the surface of things and they have a talent form transform themselves, but their negative attributes include suspicion and a need to take control. Scorpios should ask Angel Azrael and Camael to help them to use their power wisely. 


Librans positive aspects include tact and a skill in creating loving partnerships, however this can be at a cost to their own happiness. They can also be indecisive and struggle to make decisions. Librans should call on Angel Hagiel to help them stand up for themselves. 


This sign is renowned for its efficiency and analytical abilities, but it’s negative aspects include a tendency to worry about very little petty details. Virgos should ask Angel Raphael here to help them not to get hung up on small things.


The positive aspects of Leo are generosity and organisational abilities. Their negative aspects are pride and bossiness. Leos should call on Archangel Michael to help them express their true self.


The positive aspects of Cancerians are their sensitivity and protectiveness, but their negative aspect is a tendency to be defensive.  They should ask Archangel Gabriel to help them to remember the past without clinging to it


The positive aspect of a Gemini is that they are very versatile and communicative, however the negative aspects are their butterfly minds and their inconsistency. Geminis should ask Archangel Raphael to strengthen their mental focus.


The positive aspects of a Taurus is their perseverance in the face of adversity. The negative aspect is to inability to see other points of view. Taureans should call on the arch Angel Hagiel to help them explore some fresh new ideas and to take some calculated risks.


Last but not least my mother’s birth sign. Although the positive aspect of Aries is the significant confidence, energy and enthusiasm, the negative aspect of the sign is restlessness and a lack of perseverance. Aries folk should ask Archangel Chamuel to increase their power and strength and to access his innate sense of justice, to ensure that all they do is for the greater good.

I have been fascinated by birth sign s since I was 13 so I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Love and Light,

Jasmine –  600595 

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