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Your New Sun Sign

Your New Sun Sign: Are You Who You Think You Are?

For centuries people have based their lives around the movement of the stars. The art of astronomy has been around since ancient Babylonian times and for many people today the stars still hold a lot of power! Most of you will be familiar with the 12 sun signs that can be used to determine your future and personality and for millions of people their sun sign is an important part of who they are. But for some people their sun sign does not seem to match their personality, or predictions made in their horoscope forecast did not resonate with them. Now, there may be an explanation!

More and more astrologers are now paying attention to a longstanding argument that there could in fact be 13 constellations! According to some sources, the ancient Babylonians ACTUALLY had an extra constellation, known as Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, which they chose not to use as it did not match with their calendar at the time. The thirteenth sun sign wasn’t counted and nowadays many people don’t even know it exists. But, after thousands of years the Earth’s axis has shifted slightly, meaning that the original calculations are not quite correct and more and more astrologers and horoscope fans are recognising Ophiuchus, which the sun aligns with for 18 days a year.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, it could be that you are not the sun sign you always believed you were! If you’re a Sagittarius who feels like a Capricorn, or a Taurus who acts like a Gemini, it may be time to take a look at an alternative list and see if you really are who you think you are! According to some modern astrologers, these are the new dates for the sun signs.

Capricorn is now from the 20th Jan to 16th Feb
Aquarius is now from the 16th Feb to 11th March
Pisces is now from the 11th March to 18th April
Aries is now from the 18th April to 13th May
Taurus is now from the 13th May to 21th June
Gemini is now from the 21st June to 20th July
Cancer is now from the 20th July to 10th Aug
Leo is now from the 10th Aug to 16th Sept
Virgo is now from the 16th Sept to 30th Oct
Libra is now from the 30th Oct to 23rd Nov
Scorpio is now from the 23rd to 29th Nov
Ophiuchus is now from the  29th Nov to 17th Dec
Sagittarius is now from the 17th Dec to 20th Jan

Of course, many horoscope fans do not agree. There are many different opinions surrounding astronomy and numerous different branches. But, if all else fails, maybe it’s time to look again and see what you find!

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