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Moon Phases

Moon Phases


Have you ever looked up at the moon and felt the pull of the moon’s energies?  Our ancestors, whether Pagans, Romans or Mayans, all felt those energies as we do today.  Each group refer to The Moon as a feminine energy.  Pagans call it ‘drawing down the moon’, but our ancestors made The Moon feminine and all that goes with being feminine. It signifies birth, death, spiritualism and reincarnation.

Each phase of the moon has a meaning and if we are aware of those phases we can utilise the energies of the moon to help us make the right decisions at the right time and use those energies to guide us to where we need to be.

Each phase is powerful in it’s own right, but the Full Moon gives the most intense energies, closely followed by the New Moon.  Each phase has its own vibration and that is why you may find yourself more affected by one moon phase than another.

We start the Lunar Cycle with the New Moon. I first started to notice the moon phases when I realised that it was around the time of the New Moon that I found it hard to sleep at night. This usually occurred for two days before and two days after the New Moon.  I call it my werewolf sleep cycle.  Over the years I have noticed that the New Moon and Full Moon do affect a number of people.

The New Moon is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.  Everything has to start somewhere and this signifies new hope, time to start fresh and opportunities to improve.

Next up is the Waxing Crescent Moon. The basic definition of waxing refers to the growing brightness of the moon. The crescent part is about how much of it is bright, and in the case of a crescent moon it means less than half of it. The Waxing Crescent Moon is all about intentions. Use this time to think about what you want, what your intentions are. Likewise if someone or something is coming forwards to you at this time, think about what their intentions are.

Next we have the First Quarter Moon. I call this the 50/50 part 1. Half is lit up and half is in shadow. This moon phase is all about making choices/decisions. Use this time to decide things. 

Then comes the Waxing Gibbous Moon. Gibbous means more than 50% of the moon is bright.  Waxing means the same as previously stated. The buzz word during this time is refinement. This too means the time to fine tune something, maybe that intention of decision you made. It’s the time to make something better, more refined.

We then come to the Full Moon, and all the impact that brings. Full Moons are about many things, but essentially about releases and endings, but in that release and ending there is always a fresh new start. The significance here is also about releasing any intention/acts/decisions, be they past or present, that no longer serve you.  Use this time to let go of the past and bring an end to what holds you back. 

We are then into the Waning Gibbous phase. The meanings of both words have already been covered. This time is about being thankful and grateful.  A very positive time indeed, as if we are being thankful then we are appreciating all that is around us.

Next one is the Third Quarter, which I call a 50/50 part 2.  Half of the moon is lit up and the other half shadowed. This time is about forgiveness. It’s a good time to let go and forgive either yourself or others. In any event we should all strive to forgive and this will help our own development.

Next is Waning Crescent. Again the meanings above apply.  This phase is all about ‘surrender’.  This is not about defeat but about letting go of things that you need to let go of. 

And finally we are back to the New Moon. 

It’s all too easy to forget about the phases of the moon, but don’t worry. You may look in your diary and note that at the next Waning Crescent you are going to surrender your negativity and then when it gets to the time you completely forget. As these phases happen every 29 days (give or take a few hours) you can always wait till next month!

Next time someone tells you they couldn’t sleep or out of the blue they announce a huge decision, check in your diary to see what moon phase we are in. I hope you found this item of interest.


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