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Why Do We Hand Over Our Power In Love?

Why do we hand over our power in love?

Some of the most commons questions asked of Psychics are “Will they call?” and “Are they worth waiting for?” Although guidance can of course be given, we all have it within ourselves to turn those questions around.

First we’ll take the question of “Will they call?” Despite the massive explosion of apps available to help us find love, relationships or the occasional hook-up, we can still find ourselves falling into age-old patterns of behaviour. Despite the modernisation of how we meet there remains a need to work within the ancient rules of courtship. Waiting for someone to call is very disempowering and hands all the control over to the other person. If picking up the phone makes you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself why you are allowing someone else to choose whether you are good enough. You are good enough!

Then why don’t they call?  There could be several explanations. They may like you but have things going on for them. Perhaps they don’t think you are for them, but aren’t up for telling you. Maybe they just like playing games.  Worse still, they can’t keep up with all the online messages they are sending to others! Maybe they are too scared of meeting in the physical sense?

So why are you choosing that for yourself?

“Are they worth waiting for?” is another tricky question.  The answer is usually “It depends.”  Do they respect you, treat you with love and kindness and deserve to be in your life? Relationships can be challenging (even the good ones) and sometimes a bit of space can be helpful to re-evaluate what you both want. But if they can’t make up their mind, or have been distracted by other people, is that someone you want in your life?  Don’t you deserve to be centre-stage?

I know this is a cliché and a hard one to take in when you think the person you met just “Must be busy”, but I firmly believe that the right one for you does come along, and in those cases circumstances line up in a way to help, so you don’t miss out on each other.  It feels different, almost like you know it in your bones. That doesn’t mean it’ll be all hearts and flowers forever but it can be.  Anyone other than that person is there for us to learn about ourselves and what we will or won’t put up with.

Finally, at the heart of it, is the question of whether you care enough about yourself and believe you deserve to be treated with love and respect?  If it starts there, you’d be amazed what can happen when you choose YOU!

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Amanda S - 600720

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