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What Can A Tarot Reading Tell Me?

What Can A Tarot Reading Tell Me?


Every Tarot Reader views Tarot Readings in a different way, and works the cards in a different way, just the same as each Psychic, Medium & Clairvoyant works in a way that is unique to them. I thought I would put fingers to keyboard today and write a little bit about how I view Tarot Readings, my beliefs about them and the benefits that can be gained from a Tarot Reading. So, how do I view Tarot Readings?

 I see Tarot readings as a 'snapshot of energy' in that one moment of time that you are having the reading, a bit like a weather forecast. I'm Clairsentient so it's the energy of the situation that I tap into.  Then, I use the Tarot Cards as signposts to see where that energy is headed.

 The cards will show where you have come from and what the energy has been like:  stormy, rough, easy, loving, hard work, tricky, exciting etc.  They will also show where you are now. After that comes the part most people want, the future part, which basically shows where you are headed.

 This future part of a tarot reading is where some psychics may differ in their opinions. Some Psychics and Tarot readers see the future as set in stone. In their opinion if a card reading gives you a prediction, then that is definitely where you are going and what is going to happen.  Those styles of readings used to be called ‘Fortune Telling’ in the olden days. I’m really showing my age now!

 However, my personal belief  is that the future shown in the cards is just a weather forecast and this is how I read. Some of you in the UK (if you are old enough ) may recall a weather man named Michael Fish, who got the weather drastically wrong one year.  Like a weather forecast, tarot readings show a future that can indeed change. Nothing is set in stone! A tarot reading shows the direction you are heading right now, where your energy is taking you.

 Your mind, thoughts, words, actions, everything in fact, is made up of energy and every thought and action you take can shift that energy slightly or quite dramatically, depending on the amount of emotion and focus that you put into your efforts. Emotion is energy in motion!

In my mind a tarot reading shows you the direction you are heading if you make no changes, if you carry on the path you are going. This means that if something shows in your reading that doesn’t look so great, you can set about making some shifts in your life to lessen the impact or perhaps change that event in some way.

 So what’s the point of a Tarot Reading if the future predictions may or may not happen? Well, it shows you how your energy, thoughts and actions have manifested in your life so far. If you look at the events in your life, the circumstances that are around you and the people around you, these have all been created by your energy.

 Like attracts like. This is the'Law of Attraction”. In effect a Tarot Reading can show you where you need to shift your energy to get you in the direction you want to go, or how to enhance and perhaps speed up arrival of the good stuff that’s coming into your life! I believe that certain things are pre-destined, but what you do with those circumstances makes up the free will part of life and the free will part of your life is the part that psychics can’t predict.

 However you are in control of your free will and when you consciously direct your energy and focus in the direction that you want to go rather than letting life tow you around, a Tarot Reading can become incredibly empowering!

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